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“All Those” for all those lovers of homemade and sustainable food

Written by Adriana

There are many people in Spain who cares about what they are eating and about where that food come from. All Those is a project that reflects this concern for healthy food and promoting dialogue between entrepreneurs, artisans, chefs and producers. All Those is for “all those” who are passionate about food, good food, and where and how is produced, this collaborative platform must be built by enacting a return to the homemade, quality and sustainable food. But let’s know more about this project through the words of one of its creators, Santi Garcia to ShBarcelona‘s blog…

How and when did the idea of creating All Those came up?

All-ThoseWe lived several years in New York and Berlin, cities where is very important to eat healthy and homemade food. We  started to get hooked on these products and especially the stories behind each of these projects. The first thing that struck us was be specialized in preparing good coffee, our idea was to open a cafeteria such as Nomad Coffee or Satan’s Coffee Corner in Barcelona. But in Berlin we went to the Markthalle Neun, a market of artisans who produce and sell in the same space and there everything changed. We realized that there were also other craft products such as beer, bread and cheese. The artisans are people with an engaging knowledge and passion so we thought would be a good idea to provide them with a “window” to give them greater visibility.

What is exactly All Those?

All Those is a platform that promotes the craftsmen and all those who innovate and contribute to their community with different ideas. We focus on the world of gastronomy which is what we like.

Who is behind this project and what is your career?

Behind the project we are Viqui and Santi, a couple of local inhabitants who after several years working all around the world we have decided to come back to our city and undertake a project that motivates us a lot.

Do you think that after the avant-garde cuisine is time for artisan food? Can they coexist?

All-ThoseDefinitely. People increasingly demand honest products. Unfortunately in this gastronomy field, as in other fields, they have fooled us for a long time, but with the huge amount of information we have today, more and more people are realizing this and are betting on the local products and craftsman. It is a trend that will certainly involve more and more people, and of course it can coexist with the avant-garde cuisine. But as will happen with the handmade, organic and biological food, many people are on the “train” of avant-garde cuisine for fashion or for the business and all that projects always fail at the end. First of all, honesty.

How do you see the future of the gastronomic industry in our country and in Catalonia?

caravan madeIt’s an exciting time, many things are happening. We find young people who are innovating and bringing out ideas that enrich the gastronomic culture. In Barcelona, for example, there is an incipient stage of young artisans and entrepreneurs in the world of gastronomy much larger than we expected when we came here. We talk about projects like Caravan Made, Rooftop Smokehouse, Eureka, Chivuos, Caravelle, Çukor, Coudstreet Bakery, Edge Brewing, La Donutería, Mother, La Madre de Miren or the cafeterias Nomad and Rightside Coffee all owned by very young people who are determined to do well, honestly and in a different way. It is very motivating to be around and work with all these people.

In December took place the All Those Food Market, can you tell us how was that first collective experience?

We were able to gather in one place and in one day All Those’s projects from Barcelona and around the city, or at least those that we knew so far. It was very nice and is an experience that we will undoubtedly repeat soon.

And finally, can you give us some clues about the future of All Those?

Craft-Beer-MapWe are about to launch the first map of what we hope will be a series in collaboration with Walk With Me. In the first map, we mark in a map the best places to have craft beer in Barcelona and has been very nice. You could find it at various places in Barcelona very soon.

We are also working on the second edition of All Those Food Market to be held before summer probably in the same space as the first, ie the gardens of the University of Barcelona.

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