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Best restaurants

Best restaurants in Gràcia

Written by Thompson Crowley

Spain has a reputation for having excellent cuisine and this is a reputation which it strives to uphold. A passion for food is embedded in the culture, with a long culinary history stretching back decades. The Spanish don’t just eat dinner, they indulge lavishly on an array of sumptuous, mouth-watering ingredients, put together perfectly to form the most delicious dishes. And they’re more than happy to share it with people visiting the country.

Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

Barcelona has taken this love for food one step further, fusing it with other types of international cuisine. Being as the city is becoming more and more multicultural in its population, influences from many other places are finding their way in. There are some excellent restaurants around which balance these influences perfectly, retaining the traditional mentality, whilst staying open to improvements on the recipes.

Here is our selection for the best restaurants in Gràcia.

Con Gracia

Con Gracia is an extremely popular restaurant, set just a short walk away from Av. Diagonal. They specialize in Mediterranean and European dishes, as well International and Fusion. There’s something for everyone! As soon as you enter the premises you’ll be made to feel at home. The interior is simple yet stylish, with many tables positioned throughout the long main room, with dimmed lighting to set the mood. The staff is very informative and keen to make sure that your every want is satisfied. They have a great selection of wines on offer; some local, and others from further afield. But the most popular option has to be the experience menu, offering up a fine selection of the restaurant’s best plates.

Address: Carrer de Martínez de la Rosa, 8

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Estel de Gracia

Estel de Gracia is a restaurant and bar which serves a variety of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. The great thing about the place is that it’s reasonably priced, and they offer much quality. The restaurant is well-known, so be prepared to wait if you haven’t booked your seat. The interior is simple and classic, making use of all the space available. The staff is all smartly dressed, ready to take your order. They have some great tapas and a menu del dia on offer, as well as many full meals.

Address: Carrer de Francisco Giner, 23

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Photo by vwcampin via Visual Hunt

Photo by vwcampin via Visualhunt

Spoonik is an exciting restaurant situated near El Putxet train station. They serve a variety of Mediterranean cuisine, as well as Colombian dishes. It is somewhat more expensive than your average restaurant, but there is a reason why. The food is completely outstanding; the whole dining experience is! There is a real buzz about the place. All the meals are unique, and extremely creatively put together. And the kitchen is in full view, so your mouth can water as you watch it being prepared. They have an excellent selection of local wines and beers.

Address: Carrer de Bertran, 28

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