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Real estate market

Writing an effective real estate ad

Written by Paula

In a day and age where it has become so easy to reach your target audience online, making the most of a real estate ad has become essential.

Here are some tips from ShBarcelona, real estate agency, specializing renting and selling apartments in Barcelona.

A good presentation

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Your main objective is to convince the potential buyer to click on your ad. To make that happen, the first step is to select a catchy title. Are you selling a lovely studio? Your title could be “Beautiful 30m² studio, ideal for students”. Don’t hesitate to make your property stand out from the get go. Be careful with spelling mistakes! If you’re not sure about a word, look it up, because mistakes make your ad look much less serious and immediately affect your image.

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Good quality photos

Photos are essential in an ad. They’re what will make the client fall in love with the apartment. An important piece of advice: make sure the photos aren’t blurry and that they are well lit. Why not wait for a sunny day to take them? They should show your apartment at its best!

Do you not have a good camera? Are you bad at taking photos? Consider hiring a professional who could take some quality photos at a decent price. You’ll see how your selling opportunities go up as a result!

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Including the essential information

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

If the client was seduced by the photos, they will want to know more about your property; your objective is to provide complete information. That is why you should make sure you include the type of property, the price, the living area and terrain, the number of rooms and the location.

Finally, you can include the local supermarkets, pharmacies or restaurants for example.

Above all, do not oversell your property! Be honest, the customer will eventually realize your exaggerations and this will make you look bad.

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