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Real estate market

How to showcase your property

Written by Andreia Manarte

Have you decided to sell or rent out your property? The first impression is very important for the future buyers/ tenants and is often decisive. Showcasing your property will help those interested make a decision and will help you make the maximum profit. In this article, ShBarcelona gives you advice on how to make your property stand out.  

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Table of Contents

The exterior

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Everything starts with the exterior since it’s the first thing we see when visiting an apartment. Think of cleaning the landing and the hallway, mowing the lawn (if you have a lawn), and giving your gate a new coat of paint because it’s in a bad state. 

The interior

Home standing refers to a set of techniques that allow you to make your property appeal to as many people as possible, making it stand out at a minimum price.  Among these techniques are:

Depersonalisation: avoid showing what is connected to your personal life (family photos, collections, old furniture).

Decluttering: store unnecessary objects, remove furniture that takes up space, redesign the interior of your home to gain space.

Decorating: avoid overly personalized decorations such as  bright colours and wallpaper with designs. Opt for neutral colours like white, light gray, or beige when painting your walls.

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Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Repairing: repair any small imperfections in the room (a closet door that needs fixing, a hole in the wall…).

Create a nice atmosphere: create an environment in which visitors will feel good. Simple things like clearing the furniture of clutter, lighting scented candles, and putting a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table will make a great difference. Feel free to make it look like a living space, your apartment does not need to look like a model apartment!

All these techniques allow the client to imagine themselves living there and significantly reduce the  decision time to buy or rent. This will also decrease the possibility of price negotiation.

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Andreia Manarte

Andreia fell in love with words even before she could really understand them. Now that she does, she loves to write about fictional people and unique places like Barcelona.

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