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8 advantages of using a real estate agency

Written by Paula

Buying real estate is most likely the investment of a lifetime. You are going to be paying for it for a good period of time so it is a good idea to do things the right way. The choice of where you will be living, be it your main residence or a secondary one is, therefore, a highly important one. It is best to gather all information now, so ShBarcelona will explain why it is worth it to do things via a real estate agency when buying your future house or apartment.

real estate barcelona1) The guarantee that you will be accompanied from start to finish during the whole process of purchasing the property: the research, the visits, the negotiations, up until the signing of the papers in front of a notary.

2) Real estate agents are specialists and they know the market prices, they have databases with the real selling prices. Enlisting their help ensures that you won’t be buying property at an unrealistic price.

3) They know the area within which they work: the future opportunities such as metro stations, shopping centers and other infrastructures which will help add value to your property. They could also inform you about the facilities available nearby: shops, schools, means of transportation…

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4) They will be the intermediary between you and the seller, taking care of providing you with the necessary documents and facilitating the tasks one must do during the process of purchasing a property.  The agency will also make sure the sales agreement is drawn up according to the rules.

5) An agency will negotiate the selling price for you. The real estate agent will know the necessary arguments to give the seller in order to lower the selling price. The aim is to reach an agreement between the buyer and seller. Be aware that a realtor is as much in the service of the buyer and seller, they favor neither side.

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real estate barcelona6) Agencies are informed about the properties that will be for sale soon. If you cannot find your ideal apartment immediately, the agency will perhaps advise you to wait a bit because it knows that a property answering your requirements will be for sale soon.

7) Agents are more available and more flexible than owners when it comes to paying a visit to the property you are interested in.

8) Working with an agency is not a lot more expensive than buying directly from the owner. On average, the owners sell their properties at a higher cost than if they enlisted the help of an agency.

About the author


Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • Good read! Agree with your points listed above. It is better to find someone who is knowledgeable than to do everything on our own. Blindspots are costly!

  • Early next year, I am targeting to buy my own house and lot, but I think that I would need help since I am not familiar with how real estate works. It seems like coordinating with a real estate agency and hiring an agent can assist me with finding an ideal apartment, due to their large network. Thanks for highlighting that real estate agencies can negotiate terms for you as well as orienting you about how the real estate world works.

  • It’s awesome that you brought up how a real estate agent will bargain the price of a house for you in order to drop it to your price range. People who are buying a house for the first time might not have the same skills needed to lower the cost like a professional real estate agent does. Thanks for helping people see the benefits of hiring a real estate service when buying a house.

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