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Pole dancing classes in Barcelona

Written by Christine

If you’re looking for a new way to have fun and keep fit then why not try pole dancing? This is a great way to not only get in touch with your creative and sensual side but it’s also a great way to build up strength and improve overall fitness. Pole dancing can be enjoyed by people of all levels and abilities, especially those who are looking for a new and exciting way to get into exercise and dance.

Pole Dance BCN

Photo via Pixabay

Pole Dance BCN is a pole dancing studio that was founded in 2012 with the intention of bringing this fun and creative dance form to Barcelona. At this studio, all of the classes are 90 minutes and focus not only on pole dancing itself but also on improving flexibility and overall physical shape. Classes are open to everyone: men, women, beginners, and advanced pole dancers. Classes are small with no more than 9 students per class, to ensure that each student gets personalized instruction and help from the teacher. Also, if you’re looking for a fun way to spice up a bachelorette party, you can have a private session at the studio for an unforgettable girls night out.

Address: Carrer de Rocafort, 250

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Pole Dance Factory

Pole Dance Factory was founded in 2011 by a group of certified and enthusiastic pole dancing instructors as a place to let creativity shine and pole dancing be the medium in which to let it run free. There are various classes and workshops offered that not only help you learn pole dancing but also improve fitness through activities like flexibility and yoga. Classes are also offered for children and private groups, in addition to classes for serious pole dancers who want to train for competitions.

Address: Plaça de les Dones, 36

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Feeling Woman Pole Dance/Sport

Photo by be creator via Visualhunt

Feeling Woman Pole Dance/Sport is the first pole dancing school in Spain that offers classes in the two disciplines of pole dance, “the art of pole dance” and “Pole Sport.” Since 2009 this academy has been helping their students to discover the artistry and physical challenge that pole dancing presents while encouraging them to reach their goals. Classes are available for all levels, so reserve your first class and discover the excitement that is offered at Feeling Woman!

Address: Carrer de Pere IV, 29-35

Onair Barcelona

Onair Barcelona is more than just a pole dancing school since you can try out a variety of activities like aerial pole dance, acrobatics, trapeze, and more. When you sign up you can choose your plan, deciding if you want between 1 and 4 classes a week, and your first class is offered at a reduced price. Kids can also join in on the fun since there are classes that are offered just for the little ones. You can also try out an intensive course, which takes place over a series of consecutive days to help you reach your pole dancing goals.

Address: Carrer de Pere IV, 99

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* Main photo by Kostya Romantikov via Visualhunt

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!


  • Hey, thanks for this info. It was just what I was looking for. I wonder if you could perhaps help me out or give some advice…I’m thinking of subscribing to an online pole dancing class, I heard it is great for fitness and fun too. Problem is, I don’t know much about it though I keep reading reviews about it but can’t make up my mind as to which course or lessons to go with. Or does it not matter and they are all kind of the same? I would like to get your personal opinion on this. I have read a review on which covers some recommended courses. Which one would you say is the best to start out with, I don’t have the type of budget to sign up to all of them and I am no expert. I would love to hear your reply and your recommendation. Kind regards.

  • Hi Christine,

    We are traveling to Tortosa for World games in July. Do you know if there are pole studios near the town of Tortosa?

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