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Learn to dance like a Brazilian with Samba

Written by Paula

The Brazilian people are cheerful individuals who love to have a good time. Throughout the centuries, they have developed a variety of forms to express their joy for life. One of the ways is the exuberant Samba.

This African-influenced Samba is musical genre and dance style with various forms, which always include a strong presence of drums. Samba is popularly known as the musical expression of Rio de Janeiro, and is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Brazil. It has even been recognized by UNESCO as a Heritage of Humanity.

dance barcelonaSome of the instruments commonly used in Samba are drums, cavaquinho, tambourine, trombone, trumpet, cuíca, berimbau, agôgo bells, ganza rattles, and many more.

The most popular form of Samba worldwide is the Carnival Samba, an extremely happy and energetic form of music and dance, performed mainly during Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Each year there are large two or three-hour long parades where dancers from various Samba schools dance and play instruments, wearing lavish costumes.

There are a couple of dance schools where you can learn to dance Samba in Barcelona. Here is our selection:

Samba Barcelona

Samba Barcelona is the only dance school in Barcelona that is specialized in Samba, offering also classes of Axé Bahia, and Afro-Brazilian dance. The classes are taught by Ana Nushu, a professional dancer who has performed and taught in various countries in the world.

For those who can’t commit to attending the weekly classes, Samba Barcelona also offers workshops.

Samba Barcelona is located at Carrer de Méndez Núñez, 4.


At Bailongu, students can learn to dance Contemporary Afro, Bachata, Classical Ballet, Ballroom Dancing, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Burlesque, Caribbean Dancing, Musical Comedy, Creative Dancing, Oriental Dancing, Salsa, Oriental Fusion, Hip Hop, Kizomba, Lindy Hop, Modern Jazz, Rock and Roll, Swing, Sueltus, Tango, Timba, Twerking, as well as Samba and Axé.

Bailongu is located at Passatge d’Utset, 11-13.

 Escuela Fortaleza 

Escuela Fortaleza is a dance school with branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Guadalajara and Alcorcón. The school teaches Batucada, a percussion class with Samba rhythms, and Samba dance classes.

Isadora Bruc

dance barcelonaIsadora Bruc is a dance school that teaches various forms of dancing, offering classes in Bellly Dancing, Samba, Bollywood, and Sexy Dance, a form of dancing that has elements from striptease and burlesque. The dance school offers workshops in Polynesian Dance (Hula), Sexy Chair, Afro-Brazilian, and Samba no Pé.

Isadora Bruc dance school is located at Carrer de Méndez Nuñez, 4.


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