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The first dog beach in Barcelona!

Written by João Moura

We already wrote articles showing you that Barcelona is a dog-friendly city. Now, we are taking things up a notch, announcing the first beach for dogs in Barcelona!

On July 19th, Barcelona inaugurated the first beach where dogs are allowed during summer time. In case you didn’t read our article about dogs at the beach, you should know that dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches of Barcelona from the 1st of July until the last Sunday in September (the only exception is guide dogs, to aid their owners).

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Photo by: RachTHeH via Visualhunt / CC BY

Photo by: RachTHeH via Visualhunt

This was a bold decision since not everyone likes having dogs around. For dog owners, it was a long battle that took years of insistence, but that finally came down to a victory in July. Truth be told, it seems a wise decision: if we barely handle heat ourselves, how can our furry friends withstand it during the summer?

Levante Dog Beach in Barcelona

The beach for dogs (and dog owners) is called Levante. It has a special 1,250 square meter area (or 1,496 square yards) just for dogs to play at, bathe and ultimately work on their tanning.

Photo by: wasim of nazareth via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by: wasim of nazareth via

The area of the Levante beach for dogs has a wooden fence and special employees who are responsible for the local management, providing information, and for excrement bags disposal.

Additionally, there are two human-sized showers and one dog-sized shower in this area, as well as two “urban dog” urinals, various fountains for dogs and some plastic bag distribution points.

The section of this beach that is reserved for dogs is open until September 25th. On this day, all dog-friendly equipment on the beach will be removed.

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João Moura

João has been putting words in order on the internet for a decade. He fell in love with Barcelona on the first visit, in 2010, and he keeps coming back for more.

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