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Meetups for dogs in Barcelona

Written by Miguel is widely known for facilitating the gathering of people with similar interests in cities all over the world, and Barcelona is no exception to that. If you’re a vegan, you can meet with other vegans for a delicious and healthy meal. If you’re into comic books, you can easily find someone who will passionately tell you that the events surrounding the death of Superman were originally foreshadowed, years previously, on a rare issue of The Justice League.

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

You can go around town, meet people and have fun, but what happens to your furry friends? Those for whom it might be hard to abstain from eating meat, or who do not possess the cognitive skills necessary to comprehend the multiple parallel universes of DC Comics? We’re talking about your dog, obviously – not the other kind of furries.

Dogs have no ways to connect with other dogs as easy as you do with people. They have no Tinder to find a matching partner or a Facebook profile where they can discuss canine celebrities, so you need to help them out with that – and it’s easy to do so. Meetup includes several groups dedicated to dog-inclusive meetups in Barcelona.

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Dog Experiences by Happygossos Happygossos is a project dedicated to the well-being of animals that promotes meetups centred around canine education. Join other owners and pets and learn how to improve the discipline and behavior of your four-legged friend during a pleasant walk in the woods.

Cani cross and outdoor sports with dogs Dedicated to cani cross (cross country running with dogs) and other outdoor sports for owners and pets, this group is a great way to keep both of you in great shape. Meetups normally happen during the Autumn, when it is more comfortable for dogs to perform intense physical activities.

Dog hikers If you prefer to move at a slower pace while admiring the nature around you, this is the group for you. Normal hiking groups generally don’t accept pets, but here you’ll find other people just like you – those who don’t like to spend even a minute away from their loyal best friends.

Activities and Education Promoted by DogMind, this is another group which organizes activities related to canine behaviour and education.

Barcelona dog activities A less specific group, it includes activities such as yoga with dogs (both indoor and outdoors) and mountain hiking.

Create your own!

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

Of course, you can also create your own group and become a dynamizer of canine social life in Barcelona. The possibilities are unlimited – you can, for instance, create a meetup group just for people who like to dress their dogs like superheroes. That would be cool, wouldn’t it? Don’t forget to use the comment box below to let us know when you create a group, so that we can bring our own furry buddies. Have fun with your dog!

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