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Osteopathy in Eixample

Written by Christine

The human body is an incredible thing and often gives us signs when something is off or not quite right. If you are experiencing pain or other issues but are reluctant to turn to drugs or modern medicine, you should consider osteopathy as a solution or cure to your body’s needs. Osteopathic medicine is non-invasive, doesn’t rely on drugs, and is a natural way relieve the body of pain or other ailments. It works by manipulating and strengthening the muscoskeletal framework by stretching or applying pressure to the affected area. Osteopathy is used as a complement to other forms of medicine and may just be the thing you’re looking for.


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SimplyBe is a yoga and Pilates studio that offers many other services to help clients feel their best in a natural and calming way. This includes massage and osteopathic medicine that help to realign the body and start the healing process. At SimplyBe you will be in the hands of a trained osteopath who will help you find your body’s natural balance and help restore your health from a variety of problems such as back, neck, and joint pain, digestive troubles, and migraines. One session costs €55, or you can buy multiple sessions at once for a lowered price. You can book your first session online or over the phone. AddressCarrer Roger de Llúria, 46

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Cos i Salut

At Cos i Salut, the belief is that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected and it’s impossible to treat just one of these things to relieve the body and make it well. Their team of osteopaths can help alleviate you of pain or discomfort through their proven techniques for a number of disorders. During your first session you will have a 15-minute personal diagnostic followed by a 1-hour treatment. All sessions are €70, but keep your eyes on the website for deals and offers! AddressCarrer de València, 161

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Harmonious Life

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Harmonious Life offers natural remedies and practices such as osteopathy, Pilates, and physiotherapy to help the body heal and prevent from future injuries and ailments. They use the Poyet methodology of osteopathy, meaning that it is a manual technique that focuses on energy and certain reflex ones. It is believed that by applying this technique, especially to the neck and face, can help to diagnose problems and restore balance to the body. Contact Harmonious Life directly for pricing and session information. AddressCarrer de Viladomat, 291


BIOVida has been offering osteopathic medicine in Barcelona for more than 10 years and has come to be known for the personalized attention and care that their team of trained professionals delivers to each and every patient. With offices in Barcelona and Mataró, you can make an appointment to get to the bottom of disorders such as pain, depression, herniated discs, and degenerative back diseases. Let BIOVida help you heal in a relaxing and natural way in harmony with your body’s natural rhythms. AddressCalle Ali Bei25, Piso 5, Puerta 2A

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