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Barcelona’s hospitals

Written by Adriana

Although we hope you won’t need the information provided in this article we want you to have it so if you ever need to go to a hospital you would know what are the closest to your home, your workplace or your study center in case of emergency. If your stay in Barcelona will be for a long term and you are from a country of the European Union, you can get the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with this card they will take care of you at any health center or hospital like you were a Spanish person. You must prove that your stay is not for a medical treatment in this case. If you are from a country outside the EU for you the best option would be to get a travel insurance for a year (you can ask for a renovation after this time), to make sure in case you need to get medical care, the costs are on your insurance. Besides hospitals, there are also Primary Care Centres or CAP’s, but they have a more restricted schedule and you may have more difficulties to get some attention there. If you have an emergency the essential phone numbers to consider are the 061 (medical emergencies) or 112 (emergency) .

Hospital Clinic: is one of the best hospitals in Barcelona in almost all specialties, with highly qualified doctors. It has an excellent emergency service, modern facilities and is located in the heart of Barcelona, in the Eixample district (there is a metro station on the blue line called  Hospital Clínic from where you get to this hospital).

Hospital del Mar: is located on the seafront of Barcelona and apart from being one of the best hospitals in the city, is a popular university Medical Research Institute, which has done an excellent job for over 20 years.

Hospital de Bellvitge: is located in this town near Barcelona (Bellvitge), and is a public hospital and university where you can find almost all specialties. It has very good reputation because in it they also perform some medical research and because it has high technology for those patients that require those treatments.

Hospital Vall d’Hebron: in this hospital they have a oncology specialized center where they treat many cancer patients and in which they research on this disease. Besides that, they take medical care in various specialties.

Hospital de Sant Pau: is a quality hospital that has received awards of excellence for its excellent medical service. It is located in a modernist building of Barcelona at Sant Quintí street and has recently been renovated.

Hospital de Barcelona: while not the best known hospitals in Barcelona (despite the name) is in a very central location, right on Avenida Diagonal. This hospital has a hospital emergency room, attention to various specialties and inpatient service.

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