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Hair Transplant Clinics in Barcelona

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Written by Daniella

More and more men and women from all over the world choose for hair transplants to solve their hair loss problem or alopecia, as it may be the cause of many self-esteem issues. Once there is a light at the end of the tunnel and they know they can recover from hair loss, they also remember their youth, when they had lots of hair. And that is why many people are happy that there is an aesthetic technique that helps them be who they really are.

But do not think too lightly of a hair transplant procedure, because not all clinics are the same. When you know that it is a complex technique, you are also aware that it requires extensive experience and real professionals. So today, this article by ShBarcelona will focus on a couple of hair transplant clinics in the city of Barcelona.

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Get your hair back with hair transplants

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Photo by Phil W Shirley via Visualhunt

The first clinic we would like to discuss is Clínica de Trasplante del Pelo Vila-Rovira, a hair transplant clinic of scientific reference, and a clinic and training centre of great prestige at a national level. They work with a great team of specialists in hair recovery and hair aesthetics.

Dr. Vila-Rovira is the renowned specialist and director of the clinic, and he and his team develop and apply the best and most innovative hair transplant techniques.

They are experts on the FUE technique, FUT technique and strip harvesting technique. There are also treatments to stop or reduce hair loss by paralyzing excessive hair loss, and their approach is always very personal. The clinic is located in Barcelona, more specifically at Passeig Bonanova, 112, in the district of Sarrià.

The clinic has the most advanced technology for hair recovery, and also modern and patient friendly facilities. The next clinic we would like to address is Corporación Capilar, located at Passeig de Gràcia, 44. This is one of the first clinics that actually specialized in hair treatments.

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Photo via Pixabay

Nowadays it offers many effective solutions to treat different types of hair problems, including micrografting. Corporación Capilar even offers double density biografts. With this technique they inject and stimulate Plasma Rico en Plaquetas (PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma), enabling you to recover faster from the operation. It gives better results, and it improves healing and tissue regeneration.

They use different capillary grafting techniques at Corporación Capilar, among them are the FUE and FUSS technique. Your specialist will choose the technique that is best for you, depending on your specific problem. The last clinic we would like to share with you is Clínica Esbeltia, which is located at Carrer Diputación 95, in the district of Nova Esquerra de l’Eixample.

Clínica Estética Esbeltia is part of a group of companies, that have more than twenty years of experience in the health sector. They offer a wide range of medical aesthetic treatments at affordable prices, but always with maximum guarantees and safety. Hair grafting consists of an aesthetic surgery procedure, where specialists extract hair from a patient, in order to transplant it to a hair problem zone on the head of that same patient. As a result, hair will grow back on parts where hair follicles had originally been affected by alopecia.

Being both donor and recipient, this avoids possibilities of rejection of the hair transplant, and you also accomplish a natural result.

*Main photo by Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet via Visualhunt

Have you ever had hair transplants? And if yes, are you happy with the results?

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