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Nutrition and Dietetics Courses in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Dieticians and nutritionists are professionals who study the benefits and risks of foods and advise people in what they eat and drink every day. This includes planning nutritional intervention programs to promote better health and prevent diseases, explaining food safety, and developing diets according to clinical recommendations in public health programs and hospital care.

In a field that is continuing to grow in demand, many of Barcelona’s leading universities offer degrees in nutrition and dietetics. Here are a few of the places in Barcelona where you can study to become a nutritionist or dietician.

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Universitat de Barcelona

Photo via Pexels

Under the Department of Pharmacy and Food Science, the Human Nutrition and Dietetics course at Universitat de Barcelona gives students the skills needed to perform multiple health-related works in nutrition for individuals and groups. It also gives nutritionists leading information from special research centers and development departments in the food industry. The Department of Pharmacy and Food Science itself has had more than 2,000 students from diverse backgrounds every year for over 150 years. Their nutrition and dietetics course is just one of several courses in pharmacy and food science that focus on the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food sectors.

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER)

Photo via Pixabay

For a Masters in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics, FUNIBER offers scientific investigative programs that connect with universities to offer an education that respects local identities. The number of vegetarians in recent years has been growing and the demand for professionals who specialize in vegan diets are lacking. Through this program, doctors can determine what the best course is for vegetarians and vegans to eat properly. The program is worth 70 credits, or 18 months minimum, and classes are a mix of educational and interactive online work with a thesis at the end.

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Photo via Pixabay

The School of Science and Health at Blanquerna is a small university where teacher and student relationships can thrive in a communicative setting. Students in nutrition and dietetics are taught through humanistic approaches in conventional, seminar, theory, and professional training. Students go to health care centers and healthcare companies to pick up the knowledge and experience for the working world. It is a four-year degree with a final project at the end in any concentration within the field.

With the growing popularity of alternative diets and different lifestyles, nutrition and dietetics courses are becoming more popular than ever. These courses are offered to those interested in helping people create a better, healthier life through everyday food choices. If you’re interested in getting a degree in the field, check out one of these three programs to learn more.

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