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Non-profit organizations Barcelona

Non-profit organizations barcelona
Written by Enrique

infoNon-profit organizations are really important. Their charitable work has helped many areas of social work to improve rapidly, providing an immeasurable amount of relief to those who truly need it. Barcelona is the home of many non-profit organizations that provide the community with various ways of help. The Observatorio del Tercer Sector (OTS) is an independent non-profit research center that specializes on the third sector. This Organization aims to icrease and extend knowledge of the sector and to work for the improvement of non-profit management. This Organization is highly reputable and has offered its services different communities for quite some time now.

Its Noble Foundation

The Organizatdoneion is based on very noble intrinsic values. First and foremost Social change, OTS aims to strengthen the tertiary sector, for they believe that it actively works toward changing. Their work seeks involvement and participation if important and relevant organizations. An interesting aspect that this organization helps provide is their ability to make independent decisions. Their professional sense for competition has offered useful results and proved to have qualitative impacts. OTS has proven to be one of the few organizations that has learned through their own experiences and thus the reason why they have the confidence that commitment to maintain a transparent reputation for the public.

Diversity For Success

OTS has proven to be one of the most successfully diverse programs due to its various working lines. For over ten years OTS has entered and provided new fields of research which group together different projects and studies while maintaining a rigorous curriculum. The results of these working lines of research have been providing a lot of answers. The existing working lines of research have been making breakthroughs in themes such as entity boards, second level organizations, third sector mapping, youth, immigrant associations, socially responsible investment, just to name a few.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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  • Hello I would like to volunteer with your organization and I would like to know what is the process.
    Thank you.

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