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How To Be A Game Tester

Written by Brian S

The generation of the twenty-first century has invested more into video games than any previous generation. Video games have become more complex, more technically sophisticated, and now more influential. The gaming industry is a market valued at nearly $100 billion globally, and Spain, according to the Spanish Association of Entertainment Software & Video Game Development & Production Companies, is expected to hit $1.3 billion by 2019. With more jobs expecting to open up, it’s a great time to be an aspiring game tester, especially now that the gaming industry provides a quarter of the jobs in Barcelona.

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What A Game Tester Does

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Game testers do just that: test games. More specifically, they test video games produced by a particular company in order to find any errors and bugs in the game. Their findings will lead to improvements and solve any problems to make the game more suitable, likable, and more attractive to the audience. Game testers can give feedback on specifics in gameplay and all parts of game development from design to programming. There are those who are hired full-time by the big name developers, some who work part-time, and others who only have a simple one-time gig. This is a dream job for gamers who love nothing more than to play.

Game Tester Requirements

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A game tester should be very active and like to take the lead, especially when he or she is independent and has been hired by a firm to help spot glitches in the game. Testers should like working as part of a team and should be able to communicate well with others. Of course, the game IQ part is important because testers should know which games are trending, which are declining, and which game is going to be on the rise. It involves all games from first-person shooter games to sports, fantasy, and small game apps. Testers usually specialize in one, but they should know a bit of everything. In terms of education, having a degree helps, but this job is more about passion. The most important factors are knowledge and experience in working with other games.

In Barcelona

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Spain is a country that advocates entrepreneurship. It’s a great place for international companies and social and economic flourishing, and it’s no surprise that half of all the jobs are going to Spain’s two biggest cities, Madrid and Barcelona. Recently, in Barcelona Games World, where 200,000 visitors passed through to see the newest games, technology, and other growing trends in the video game sector. Even in the aftermath of the economic crisis, new video game and software companies were founded by people under the age of 35 and really blossomed in the last five years at a rate of 60%. This new business venture is continuing the growth with games going beyond Spain and into the rest of Europe that will go on to grab the attention of conglomerates in Asia and North America.

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The list of gaming companies is long enough for new gamers to get involved. Barcelona is a city for virtually every job sector and is fitting for many billion-dollar industries. It continues to grow and incorporate the game producers from top to bottom. Simply know your stuff and apply to multiple places where you will be most likely to get a foot in easily.

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About the author

Brian S

Brian Susbielles is a freelance writer who loves global politics, foreign movies, and Led Zeppelin


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