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Holi Run 2016: A colourful Sunday near Barcelona

Written by Miguel

June 5 is bound to be the most colourful day of the year. Why? Because it’s time for the Holi Run 2016, taking place near Barcelona in the neighbouring town of Badalona (you can easily get there using the train).

holi run 2016 badalona 1The Holi Run is a 5km race but it’s not about who crosses the finish line first at all – it’s all about having fun. All participants dress in all white so that they can be blasted with multi-coloured paint powder at paint stations after every kilometer run. The powder used is 100% natural and non-allergenic, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

There’s music all the way through as well as an after party with DJs and several other activities and entertainment events, in order to keep the colours moving and the happiness flowing through your body and mind.

More about the Holi Run

A growing tradition all around the world, the Holi Run (or Colour Run) is inspired by the Indian festival of colours and is meant to celebrate the beginning of spring. It’s all about movement, colour and good vibrations – a true celebration of joy and a contagious, healthy dose of happiness. Trust us, it’s impossible to sport a frown during one of these events.

holi run 2016 badalona 4How did it all start?

These type of Colour runs, or “the healthiest 5K’s on the planet”, started popping up in 2011 after American event producer Travis Snyder thought it up as a way to promote happy and healthy living. Its joyful sspirithas since then been spreading quickly throughout the entire planet.

Can anyone participate?

Yes! Happiness doesn’t exclude anyone. Children can participate as well, as long as those under 12 are accompanied by an adult. So bring your mother, your father, your sister and your brother, your grandfather and your grandmother, your friends, their friends… come celebrate! Visit the official Holi Run 2016 website to sign up for the race.

How do I get to Badalona?

holi run 2016 badalona 2Badalona is very close to Barcelona so it’s really simple and fast to get there. Trains will definitely be the fastest method of public transportation with an average trip of 13 minutes (for 2€-4€). The subway gets you there in around half-an-hour and costs about the same, while the bus, while the same price, takes you almost an hour. You can also choose to take a cab (in which case it would take you 10 minutes but cost around 20€) or drive there yourself. Make sure to visit Holi Run’s official website to know more about the exact starting point of the race, as well as starting and ending times.

Well, that’s about all you need to know. If you were dreading another grey Sunday, now it’s entirely up to you to give it some colour!

About the author


Miguel is a freelance writer and copywriter who believes that words can really take you places - so hop on his words and dare to discover the wonders of Barcelona with him.

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