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Mindfulness in Barcelona

sitting and watching misty skyline barcelona
Written by Gill

Sometimes Barcelona can feel hectic. Standing in the midst of the roaring traffic of Eixample or the chattering crowds of tourists in the Gotic, can leave you feeling a little frazzled and in need of something calming.

Step in mindfulness meditation. What is mindfulness you ask? Well, stand by for your antidote to the Barcelona bustle, because ShBarcelona tells you more!

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What is mindfulness meditation?

two women breathing with eyes closed

Photo via Pixabay

Mindfulness is a kind of meditation based on acceptance of the moment and the way things are. Rather than trying to change or transcend our surroundings, mindfulness teaches us to be ‘unconditionally present’ – able to truly accept and better experience our surroundings.

Not a bad skill to develop to help you mindfully experience everything Barcelona has to offer. Sound good? Here are the best places in BCN to try it out.

Where to try mindfulness meditation in Barcelona

Located centrally on the Rambla de Catalunya, Living Mindfully offers a variety of courses and workshops in mindfulness, including a one-hour introductory talk explaining what mindfulness is and its benefits.

At the Blue Lotus in Gracia, you can combine mindfulness with yoga for a double hit, connecting with yourself and your surroundings.

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The mindful community in Barcelona

two people sitting in lotus position and breathing with eyes closed

Photo via Pixabay

If you are already a fan of mindfulness or give it a try and love it, why not meet like-minded meditators via one of the Barcelona mindfulness ‘Meet-Up’ groups.

This site allows people to meet others with shared interests and there are plenty of mindfulness groups in the Barcelona area, including a group who meet in Ciutadella Park in the morning and a group especially for mums.  

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient technique that has grown incredibly popular in recent years, a way to both reduce negative feelings and also positively allow us to enjoy the here and now. There are so many places to try it in Barcelona, give it a go and unleash your inner zen.

What do you think of mindfulness? Which exercise is your favourite?

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