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Where to find the best caipirinhas in Barcelona

Written by Laura

Barcelona is full of nightlife spots, many of which specialize in delicious cocktails. From famous gin and tonics, very popular at Barcelona cocktail bars for their creative flavors and classy edge, to refreshing margaritas and daiquiris and martinis, cocktails are a point of attraction that can help decide which bar or pub to go to, and those in charge of these spots know it. Today at ShBarcelona, we discuss where to find the best bars for caipirinhas in Barcelona, a refreshing cocktail to help your survive the hot Barcelona nights.

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Caipirinha – Brazil in a drink

Photo via Pixabay

This cocktail originates from Brazil, and its name has filled bars and taverns around the world since 1900. The ingredients of the caipirinha are lime (or mild lemon), sugar, ice and the for alcoholic component you use cachaça, a local preparation made from sugarcane similar to liquor. Caipirinha is typically taken with a straw, so you can suck the liquid from the bottom of the glass where you find the sugar and lime and get a slower flow of alcohol, which is in the top of the drink. If you drink it without the straw, you will only enjoy the alcohol and you lose qualities of the other ingredients. Now that you know how to enjoy a caipirinha, now you need to know where to find a good example of this cocktail in the Ciudad Condal. 

The first place we recommend, if you’re looking for an excellent caipirinha, is Samba Brasil. This spot, located in Eixample close to the Sagrada Familia, has the honor of receiving excellent reviews from Tripadvisor for its cocktails in general and its caipirinhas in particular. Some cannot hide their enthusiasm and grant it the title of the cocktail bar that produces the best caipirinhas in Barcelona. The environment is also known for being very pleasant and the staff are very attentive. Small business.

Our next recommendation is a Mexican restaurant. Yes, the caipirinha is Brazilian, but in this restaurant they serve excellent cocktails for great prices, and the caipirinhas are delicious. Well, not only the caipirinhas, but also the nachos, the ceviche, the salads, the tacos, the burritos… everything. This delicious restaurant is found in one of the Barcelona’s most central areas, close to the cathedral and in the middle of the Gothic neighborhood, at Vía Laietana 46. Oh, we almost forgot! It’s called Rosa Negra.

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Photo via Pixabay

Finally, we recommend a trip through the world of Brazilian food that ends with an excellent caipirinha. The restaurant fOgO, located at C/ Córcega 231 close to the Hospital Cliníc, is an elegant spot where they prepare sophisticated and elaborate dishes based in traditional Brazilian recipes. Its high-level kitchen, that owes its excellence to its marvelous chefs, prepares high-quality caipirinhas of different flavors. This is the best way to finish your food and get to know Brazil with your palette.

Have you been to any of these spots? Do you recommend any other places where you can drink a fabulous caipirinha?

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