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5 places to enjoy a picnic in Barcelona

Parque de la Ciutadella, Barcelona
Written by James

When the weather is nice in Barcelona don’t stay cooped up in your apartment or hotel room, why not head out to one of the many parks that the city has to offer. Remember to take a picnic with you then so you really can enjoy the peace and quiet that these parts of the city have to offer.

In this article I am going to be recommending five really great places to have a picnic in the city when the weather is great.

Joan Miro Park BarcelonaJoan Miro Park

Also known, as the “Abattoir” is a very beautiful place to visit with a number of curiosities hidden within it. If you are looking for some privacy then take advantage of the shade offered by the areas where the palm, pine and prairie trees grow.

Diagonal Park

Just as Joan Miro Park there are plenty of places where privacy is available. However if you would prefer a little more comfort when enjoying your picnic then turn left as there is a small area which has been specifically set up for such. Whilst enjoying all that the park has to offer I would suggest paying close attention to the beautiful rose bushes all of which compete for prizes in May.

Oreneta Park BarcelonaSant Gervasi de l’Oreneta Park

This park is a particular favourite with families and is the one we would recommend you visit if you are visiting with yours. The park covers a total of 17 hectares and was originally used as forestland as part of the rural farms that made up the Communicates Collserola Barcelona. The best location to enjoy a picnic within this park is located at its highest point. You are offered shade by the carob trees, whilst allowing you to enjoy spectacular views of the city. However if you prefer not to lug a picnic all the way up here then why not visit the parks bar where you can sample their delicious roast chicken instead.

Parque de la Ciutadella

Of all the parks we recommend you visit and which has been destroyed by construction is this one. In fact it is the only park in Barcelona city specifically designed for use by the public. Along with a zoo you’ll also find here a boating lake and other amenities to keep everyone amused whilst you are setting up the picnic for them to enjoy. Certainly for those who love birds and fauna this is the perfect place to visit.

Creueta Park CrollCreueta Park Coll

This is my final recommendation and the reason I have chosen this one is because of the beautiful sculpture called “Elogi de l’Aguia”. Although it is a large pond often during the summer months you find the citizens of Barcelona like to use it as a swimming pool. There are numerous tables and benches along its esplanade that allows you to enjoy your picnic in comfort. In fact it is these features that make this park the ideal place for a picnic.

5 places to enjoy a picnic in Barcelona
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