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See FC Barcelona Play, Yes You Can!

Written by Damien

You got your Barcelona vacation rentals sorted and now you want to arrange to see FC (Futbol Club) Barcelona playing.  If you want to go and see this amazing team play at home there is one thing you need to be aware of.  Unless you are already a member of the club you won’t be able to obtain tickets to see them until 2 weeks prior to the match.

In turn what this also means is that the clubs loyal fans are able to pick the best seats in this 98,000-seater stadium.  As a result of course you are going to find that the seats on offer may not offer you the best views of the game as it takes place.


If you want to avoid any kind of disappoint I would highly recommend that you actually book your tickets well in advance of your arrival.  Plus this also means that you can look for apartments for rent in Barcelona that are close to the stadium.

Yes the cost of booking tickets in advance is going to be expensive, but you are guaranteed that you will get tickets.  This could prove invaluable especially if the match-taking place when you are visiting happens to be Barcelona versus Real Madrid.

Of course you can wait until you arrive in Barcelona and get settled into your apartment, but you could still find yourself paying over the odds.   The options open to you for buying tickets when you arrive is of course to seek out a ticket tout.  These guys tend to mill around close to the entrance of the ticket office a few days prior to any matches and they of course want as much as they possibly can get for them.

However if you are willing to wait until the night of the match and head out from your apartment for rent Barcelona a couple of hours before you may find some people who are happen to sell extra tickets they have for what they are really worth.

The next option you have is to go the clubs official ticket office and purchase yours their.  But you may find there is a queue.  If this is the case then why not head over to the tourist office situated on Las Ramblas and get your tickets from there.

Finally if all the above seems a little daunting especially if your Spanish isn’t that great then tickets can be purchased through La Caixa Bank cash machines.  You need to be aware however it is only the machines marked ServiCaixa is where tickets can be purchased.

You simply select the tickets you want and they will be printed out for you.   If you choose to use this option then be aware that a small booking fee is charged.  But of all the options you have available to you for purchasing FC Barcelona tickets this is probably the easiest.

But in all honesty the best piece of advice I can give you is to book your tickets in advance.

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