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Where to Try Kundalini Yoga in Barcelona

yoga teacher and student on floor
Written by Sara Sousa

Kundalini Yoga is also called laya yoga, and it is a 7 thousand-year-old practice originated in the countries of Tibet, India and Nepal. Its focus is on the release of kundalini, a spiritual energy that is located at the base of your spine.

The process of setting this energy free awakens your chakras (or energy centers), expanding your consciousness when you do it and uniting it with superior cosmic consciousness.

Curious about kundalini yoga? Today’s blog article by ShBarcelona will share a few insights on kundalini yoga in Barcelona.

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What is kundalini yoga and where can you practice it

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Photo by pressphoto via Freepik

“The yoga of awareness”, as it is called by many of its followers, blends the practice of meditation, kryias (movements), asanas (static postures), bandhas (body contractions), chanting mantras, mudras (hands, fingers and arms gestures) and pranayama (breathing control).

Its practice is said to benefit the nervous and glandular systems, strengthen and relax the muscles and improve the respiratory system. It is the perfect yoga style for those who want to get both their spiritual and physical needs met. Ready to start releasing your spiritual energy? Here’s where you can find Kundalini yoga classes in Barcelona.

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Yoga Bindu

female doing yoga near water

Photo by Hamza Butt via Flickr

Yoga Bindu is in the famous Barri Gòtic, at Arco de Santa Eulalia. This is a yoga center where you can take Kundalini yoga classes six days a week.

You can do different types of yoga here all day, from as early as 9:30 in the morning, until 21:00 in the evening.


Unfortunately Anandpur has closed its doors in Sant Antoni in Barcelona in 2017, but you can check the blog, because they do kundalini yoga sessions in other yoga centres every now and then.

Kundalini BCN

Many people enjoy their yoga session at Kundalini BCN, because it’s not just yoga, but also pilates. Besides yoga you can also book, among many other beneficial packages, massages, foot reflexology treatments and they do acupuncture.

The atmosphere at Kundalini BCN is great and the centre is located in Sarrià.

Shunia Yoga

For the eager practitioner, Shunia Yoga may be a good option. This yoga school was created by Siri Gobind Kaur and helps you align your chakras every day, with its Monday-through-Sunday, several times a day Kundalini yoga classes.

It actually has five locations now in Barcelona, so there will always be one near you. You can find Shunia Yoga in Esquerra de l’Eixample, Sagrada Familia, Les Corts, Poblenou and La Maternitat-Collblanc.

Do you like kundalini yoga? What is your favourite place for practicing it?

About the author

Sara Sousa

Sara Sousa is a full-time journalist and part-time dreamer-wanderluster.


  • do you know if any of them offer classes in english? i know i’m in spain but i haven’t learned spanish fully yet.

    • Hello Netero,
      You should check the website of the Yoga Class you are interested in and contect them directly with your question.
      Many times a website is only in Spanish and/or Catalan, but that doesn’t automatically mean classes are not in English.
      You can also check out Meet Up.
      Best regards,

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