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Where to try Kundalini yoga in Ciutat Vella

Kundalini Yoga, or laya yoga, is a 7 thousand-year-old practice originated in Tibet, India, and Nepal. Its focus is on the release of kundalini – spiritual energy that is located at the base of the spine. The process of setting this energy free awakens the chakras (energy centers), expanding the consciousness of those who do it and uniting it with superior cosmic consciousness.

The yoga of awareness“, as it is called by many of its followers, blends the practice of meditation, kryias (movements), asanas (static postures), bandhas (body contractions), chanting mantras, mudras (hands, fingers and arms gestures) and pranayama (breathing control). Its practice is said to benefit the nervous and glandular systems, strengthen and relax the muscles and improve the respiratory system. It is the perfect yoga style for those who want to get both their spiritual and physical needs met.

Ready to start releasing your spiritual energy? Here’s where you can find Kundalini yoga classes in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona:

Yoga Kundalini Barcelona

Photo by pressphoto via Freepik

Centro de Yoga Shiva Shakti Barcelona

Located in the busy Carrer de Pelai, between plaza Catalunya and plaza Universidad, this yoga school has Kundalini classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. The curious but undecided can try a free class.

Yoga Bindu

Your relaxation needs can also be taken to Arco de Santa Eulalia, in the famous Barri Gòtic. That is where you will find Yoga Bindu, a yoga center where you can take Kundalini yoga classes six days a week.

Shunia Yoga

Kundalini yoga

Photo by Hamza Butt viaFlickr

For the eager practitioner, Shunia Yoga may be a good option. This yoga school helps you align your chakras every day, with its Monday-through-Sunday, several times a day Kundalini yoga classes. It is located in Carrer de Calabria, in Eixample.


Would you like to find your center… in the center of Barcelona? Right on Ronda Universitat, in Eixample, there’s a yoga school for you. Anandpur is one more option to take your “yoga of awareness” classes. At the last Friday of every month, from 8 to 9 p.m., enjoy the free meditation sessions they offer.

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