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Aeroyoga in Barcelona

If you are curious about Yoga but are not sure if it is the thing for you, you quickly will discover that there are so many different types available, that you will certainly find one that suits you. If you have tried Ashtanga Yoga or even Bikram Yoga before and you are still not addicted to it, do not desperate! Aeroyoga might be the gin to your tonic. Aeroyoga is the latest style of Yoga to come to Barcelona. It is a mix between basic Yoga, Pilates, acrobatics and dance. In this article, ShBarcelona will tell you all about it!

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What is Aeroyoga

Photo by Mugibili via Visual Hunt

The concept is pretty simple: you will use a piece of soft and tensile fabric, hanging from the ceiling. The fabric becomes a hammock and supports your weight while you work out. Your body is suspended in the air while you adopt different positions, work opening postures and stretch your back. The best thing about Aeroyoga is that you strengthen the muscles respecting the joints and releasing pressure. You will start the class very smoothly with a short warm up on the floor. You will then start doing acrobatics, learn to let it go step by step and be more confident while in the air.

The best and most fun part of the class is when you are upside down! You might be frightened at first, when the blood goes to your head, but do not worry, it is a common feeling.

What do we like about Aeroyoga? The class is more about fun and real physical work, then about meditation. This is the perfect class to strengthen your abs, stretch your back, and boost your confidence.

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Where to practice Aeroyoga

Photo by Mugibili via Visualhunt

El espacio de Yoga

This Yoga studio is located in Sarrià and it is totally dedicated to Yoga and personal growth. There, you can practice any type of Yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and even Yoga with candle lights. They also offer acupuncture therapy sessions. The first class is free and if you buy a membership, you will pay 60 euros a month for unlimited classes.

Address: Carrer de Buscarons 7


You might have heard of Dir, one of the most popular gyms in Barcelona. They offer the best equipment, classes and value for money. They have also their own Yoga studios. They offer D-Gravity Yoga classes, which is a method that mixes Yoga, Pilates, dance and aerial arts. This style allows stretching and strengthening of the musculature, respecting the joints and avoiding the compression of the vertebrae. The first class is free.

Address YogaOne Mandri: Carrer de la Ciutat de Balaguer, 19

Address YogaOne Tuset: Calle Aribau, 230

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Yoga Omnium

Photo by Mugibili via Visualhunt

This studio is located in Sant Andreu. They offer a class of Aerial Unnata Yoga: ground postures are combined with air postures using a hammock. Their method allows you to feel an immediate improvement of the alignment and an increase of the corporal flexibility. Students pay 50 euros per month for two classes a week.

Address: Carrer de Pons i Gallarza 48

Onair Barcelona

Onair is a dance school, and the first one in Barcelona to offer aerodance. The professional dancers will teach you every air-practice there is: acrobatics, aerial pole dance, rope, trapeze, and Aeroyoga. You can join as a professional or as a beginner, and you can even train with your kid, as long as he or she is over 4 years old. For one session per week, you will spend 55 € a month, and for two sessions per week, 89 € a month.

Address: Carrer de Pere IV, 99

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