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Living in Barcelona

What to know about Barcelona if you arrive from the UK

Written by Adriana

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona from the UK either for studies, for work or for pleasure, there are some practical things you should know in order to get yourself adapted more quickly to the city. Although sometimes are details, they can become important differences that lead to misunderstandings. If you want to get around the city by public transport, taste the best dishes of Catalan cuisine, or do not be fooled in a restaurant, you should have some information before your arrival. In ShBarcelona we want to get your life easier, so here you have some information:

From the Airport to the city: the first thing to consider when you land in an unfamiliar city is how to get at your final destination from the airport. To this librasend we gave you some advice in a previous article on how to get from Barcelona airport to Barcelona city, but in summary, you should know that the best options (cheaper and faster) are the airbus or train.

Money-issues: today the rate between the euro and the British pound is 1.26 euros, ie, 1 euro equals 0.79 pounds. You must know that there are many items and services in Spain that are cheaper than in the UK, such as public transport, fully recommended to get everywhere within the city, the price of food or clothing. We recommend you to calculate the price in pounds with a calculator until you get used to doing it mentally.

-The Catalan language: people in Barcelona speak Catalan or Spanish in almost the same level, they are similar languages but not identical, both official in Catalonia. If you have notions of Spanish and want to communicate with someone we encourage you to try it, but don’t expect many people will answer in English if you ask for directions, for example.

-‘You should eat and drink…’: there are many Catalan or Spanish dishes you should try; paella some “cañas” of beer, patatas bravas, “calçots” (some small spring onions) if it’s time, the “coca de recapta” with aubergine, shellfish, “suquet de peix”, Catalan cream, and if it’s summer “tinto de verano” (red wine with sodaa and ice), the orxata (Valencian drink you can also find in Barcelona), and so on.

With Children: visiting Barcelona with children is a great option as there entertainment for them in every neighborhood and area in which you can be or you can visit. There are lots of green areas for them to play and, in summer, you can go with them to the beach every day. You can also visit the Zoo, the Aquarium, the living statues of the Ramblas, downtown shopping, the Tibidabo amusement park, etc.

For Vegetarians: biological & organic cuisine in Barcelona is so fashionable nowadays that you won’t get surprised if you go to a restaurant and turns to be a vegetarian restaurant that serves food like that. Here you can find some vegetarian restaurants to eat with a good quality and good prices.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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