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Where to find hipster clothing in Barcelona

Written by Miguel

Are you a hipster or maybe a fan of the aesthetic? Barcelona is a modern city that is home to young folks from all over the world, the capital of Catalonia, which means that it stays in touch with all the current trends (and countertrends, if that’s more your fancy) when it comes to fashion. So, if you have a unique sense of style, keep reading, as we will tell you where to find the coolest hipster clothing in Barcelona.

Second-hand markets

Photo via Pixabay

There are plenty of flea markets in Barcelona where you can find a wide variety of second-hand clothes. Pick any of the following and you’ll be sure to discover plenty of vintage treasures:

Two Market Guided by the motto “Reusing is the best way to recycle”, Two Market strongly promotes ethics and sustainability. With prices as low as €1, it’s a great resource for anyone looking to buy so-called hipster clothing in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer de Zamora, 78.

Flea Market Barcelona Open at least one Sunday every month, this market follows the old adage that says “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold”.  Here, in addition to hipster clothes, you’ll find a fantastic selection of vintage books.

Address: Plaça de Blanquerna and Plaza Salvador Seguí.

Lost & Found If you happen to be in the city while one of their events takes place (which is only once every three months) don’t miss the opportunity to check it out, as you won’t find a place with a larger selection of second-hand clothes in Barcelona.

Address: Estación de Francia.

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Second-hand stores

When it comes to thrift shops, there’s two you must definitely visit if you’re looking for hipster clothes in Barcelona:

Holala! With over 40 years of experience when it comes to vintage clothes, Holala! is basically a place of worship for hipsters who live in Barcelona. Make sure to check it out!

Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 73.

Love Vintage Don’t be fooled by its size – this small store has a huge selection of second-hand clothing to choose from. The staff is also really nice, which is always a plus.

Address: Carrer de Bertrellans, 7.

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Fa-King Unicorn

Promising irreverence and subversion, this Barcelona-based online store sells original clothes with attitude. We’ve heard it’s all the rage amongst local hipsters, so you might as well have a look at it.

Dr. Bloom

Photo via Pixabay

If you’re a hipster chic chick, Dr. Bloom is bound to become your favourite clothing shop in the city. With modern, inspired collections and a constant appetite for innovation and originality, it has everything you need to enhance your hipster wardrobe while you’re staying in Barcelona.

Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 30.

There you go! Just follow our advice and you’ll have no problem whatsoever when it comes to finding hipster clothing in Barcelona. Where are you going to shop first? Let us know using the comment box below. Have fun in Barcelona!

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Miguel is a freelance writer and copywriter who believes that words can really take you places - so hop on his words and dare to discover the wonders of Barcelona with him.

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