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3 Easy Ways to Keep Up Your Healthy Lifestyle while in Barcelona

Jogging on La Rambla
Written by Ana Petrusevski

Are you in Barcelona for a week or a weekend? No matter if you’re visiting old friends or it’s your first trip to this city, here are a couple of things to do to balance the big nights and indulgent dinners.

Reusable water bottle


Photo by Pixabay

The Barcelona summer is hot, so keeping up your water intake is a must. We can all get lazy on our holidays and especially in a city where most don’t drink the tap water unless they’re unduly brave. Buy yourself a reusable water bottle (BPA free) and on the next trip to the supermarket purchase an eight liter bottle of water (yes, you will drink it all). They are super cheap at that size (about €1.50) so will save you money on buying a small bottle each time you work up a thirst, not to mention it’s better for the environment as you’re using less plastic! You’ll get into the habit of filling it up and more importantly drinking it up in no time.

Booze free night

Make a deal with yourself to have some alcohol free days on your trip. Give your system a break, let it rest and recuperate every couple of days. And when you do, throw in a session where you get the heart rate up! Take a big hike up to some monument, run along the beach or do a couple of sit ups and/or push ups in your accommodation. You’ll feel like a brand new wo/man ready to hit the dance floor! Show them what you got.
Note: if you’re not keen on drinking, how about cutting out sugar for a day or ensuring you have one salad every day during your stay? Think of your own challenge that will make you feel healthy and vital.

Workout with the locals


Photo by Visualhunt

Barcelona is a great place to keep fit. Head to the beach towards the end of the day and you’ll see the post-work crowd engaged in various outdoor activities. From wind surfing to jogging, outdoor yoga classes, volleyball or brisk strolling with a dose of gossip. There’s a nice pace to the beach towards dusk. For all you gym rats keen for a strength training session, hit this street workout park – when it’s full of locals it has a touch of Venice Beach about it.


About the author

Ana Petrusevski

Ana Petrusevski is an Australian writer living and working in Barcelona.

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