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The international service at Clínica Sagrada Familia

Written by Alice Feuardant

The Clinic Sagrada Familia is now a reference hospital for many companies and schools in Barcelona, as well as tourism agencies, study abroad programs, language schools, hotels, and the commercial port. Why? Because of its unique international department which is fully dedicated to foreign patients.

Tourist Care Assistance

The private clinic Sagrada Familia was created in 1970, but the full assistance medical service for foreign patients have been part of the Clinic since much more recently. More precisely, it opened when TCA (Tourist Care Assistance), a company with more than 20 years of experience in health care, offered its services to help the clinic handle the high flow of foreign patients who came every day. TCA ‘s team offers now a high quality service to foreign patients (expatriates, tourists, or people who are travelling for business or studies), including integral support from A to Z, and a special personalized accompaniment.

24 hours full service and assistance

IMG_0208The clinic’s international department includes many services:

  • A 24/7 free service of translation (English, German, French, Russian and Portuguese).
  • A 24 hours service of emergencies with private ambulances , 7 examination rooms.
  • A system of express consultations for minor pathologies which allows to clear the emergency service.
  • A 24/7 service of specialists with immediate consultations (scheduled for the very day or the day after).
  • A 24 hours medical attendance by phone and possibility to send a doctor of your language to your house or hotel at any time.

The foreign patient is fully supported and gets a personalized accompaniment. TCA offer an integral support with the insurance and take care of direct billing. In the case of refunding by the insurance, they assist the patient with procedures. They also assist foreign patients with accommodation for them as well as their family, friends or other people who are companying them. Indeed the searching of an accommodation in the area is facilitated by the agreements between the clinic and some hotels.
The international department of the clinic also has agreement with study abroad programs, schools and universities, which engage them to offer special services to foreign students, such as easy terms of payment.
In the case where a foreign patient is hospitalized, he will receive a privileged attendance as well as a VIP status, including a “suite”-type room with free TV and Wi-Fi.
In the case of repatriation, the clinic takes care of the transfer (by ambulance, by plane or by helicopter).

clinica sagrada familia

The clinic is located on Carrer de Torras i Pujalt, 1

What to do if you need a medical assistance

In the case of an emergency, you can show up directly at the reception desk, and TCA will receive you immediately. Or you can also call the 24/7 number of the service: +34 628 604 412, to tell them that a patient is coming. They will receive you at your arrival to the clinic. If you need an ambulance, call this number: a ambulance will be sent to you immediately.
If you need to see a specialist, call this number or send an email to this address: A visit will be immediately scheduled for the very day or the day after.
You may also be interested to know that, if a student has been picked up by a SEM ambulance and sent to a public health center, he can ask to be transferred to the clinic: the international service will take care of the transfer.
In any of these cases, don’t forget to bring in your ID and insurance card.

TCA website and app will be launched soon. The app will work with iOS and Android, and be provided with geolocation system which indicates the nearest clinic centers as well as alternative transports to get to these centers.

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