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Primavera Sound 2016 – A preview of day 2

Written by Miguel

On June 2, the second day of the much-anticipated Primavera Sound, oh boy, things really do start heating up with some really big headliners that you just can’t miss. From guitar riffs to electronic beats, there is music from everyone. Get ready to dance, shake your head, wave your smartphone or whatever the cool kids to at concerts these days.

LCD Soundsystem


Photo credit: Matt Biddulph via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Arguably the band that best encapsulated the 00’s post-generation-x zeitgeist, combining the rise of indie rock with the increasing sophistication of electronic dance music, LCD have recently ended their hiatus with wonderful holiday release “Christmas Will Break Your Heart”, shortly before announcing their return to both the stage and the studio. This is a can’t-miss opportunity to see one of the most important bands of the last 20 years.

Explosions in the Sky

They might never become radio darlings, but rock instrumentalists Explosion in the Sky have earned a solid place in the hearts of those who treasure post-rock. With its suggestive landscapes and immersive textures, they continue to defy what’s expected of a rock band. Let them take you on a journey – cool guys (and girls) do look at explosions.

Tame Impala

This Australian band led by songwriter Kevin Parker might just be one of the biggest names in current indie rock. After their debut “Innerspeaker” in 2010, a sort of “OK Computer” for the modern era, these rockers from down under have continued to establish themselves with music that sounds simultaneously contemporary and ahead of its time –one of the tell-tale signs of truly great art.


True gods of psychedelic electronica, the French duo of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel is still going strong. The authors of “Playground Love”, who released their latest record “Music for Museum” in 2014, come to Barcelona to display a different side of machine music when compared to LCD Soundsystem, with less indie-rock and much more ambiance.



Photo credit: Flavia_FF via / CC BY-NC-ND

She’s not afraid of expletives. She’s not afraid to talk about her reproductive system or its recreational purposes. If Punk Rock is dead, then Peaches is a relentless zombie who wants to season our brains with her electro explosions of attitude and irreverence. So don’t be a **********. Go learn from the teaches of Peaches.

Much, much more.

We’re sure that there are plenty of other acts you wouldn’t want to miss. Be sure to check the rest of the June 2 lineup, which you can easily do at Primavera’s website or at Festicket.

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Miguel is a freelance writer and copywriter who believes that words can really take you places - so hop on his words and dare to discover the wonders of Barcelona with him.

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