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Cheapest & Best Grocery Stores in Barcelona

The cheapest grocery stores in Barcelona
Written by Jeremy

Barcelona has no shortage of great restaurants and cafés, but also an abundance of grocery stores and supermarkets.

Of course, not all of them are created equal and you could easily spend a small fortune trying to stock the fridge, so we dug to find the cheapest grocery stores in Barcelona, in an effort to keep the Euros in your pocket.

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The best supermarkets in Barcelona


Mercadona, while slightly more expensive than Lidl, continues to be a staple for people in Barcelona. They have a solid range of products in each section of the store and most locations have an in-house butcher for when prepackaged steaks just won’t cut it.


Photo via Pixabay

Mercadona stocks more than a few international brands, but if you’re not big on names, their white brand, Hacendado will suit your needs for just about any product they offer.

Among the inexpensive grocery stores in Barcelona, Mercadona offers probably the best value for your money.

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With plenty of stores scattered about Barcelona’s barrios, Lidl is a favorite of locals and expats alike, offering just about everything you need at prices so cheap, you’ll think they’re typos.

Lidl shopping bag

Photo via Pixabay

You may not recognize the brands they stock, but you’ll appreciate the quality and range of products they offer. Dinner for two—wine included—shouldn’t cost more than 15 Euros.

Meat and poultry here are of particular value. Keep an eye out for the neon-orange sale stickers.

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This Vallencian born chain has stores scattered about every barrio, most of which don’t offer quite as much as Mercadona.

Still, if your apartment is nearby, you needn’t feel guilty for popping in to grab a few necessities on your way home from work.

Whether a major visit to fill the pantry or a quick trip to pick up tapas ingredients for dinner guests, Consum will barely make a dent in your wallet.


Photo via Pixabay

As an extra tip, the Consum branch on Ronda Del Guinardo is a perfect pit stop for wine and snacks before hiking up to Bunkers Del Carmel for sunset.


Dia carries a good assortment of the basics and a plethora of ready-made food at rock bottom prices, but really, Dia’s value lies in that some locations are open on Sunday.

So if you get caught needing a few extra ingredients for Sunday brunch, chances are Dia can help out. Like Mercadona, Dia has it’s own white brand (Dia) and those items will generally be cheaper than other brands on offer.

inexpensive supermarkets

Photo via Pixabay

Dia stores in the center will have a better chance of being open on Sundays than those stores in further out barrios.

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re a person who buys a lot of fruits and vegetables, you can save even more by purchasing your produce from smaller produce markets around the city.

There’s several in every barrio and their veggies tend to be cheaper than the grocery stores.

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What is the cheapest or biggest supermarket in Barcelona you like to visit?
Tell us about your best or worst supermarket experience!

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