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Free Wifi locations in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Having an Internet connection is increasingly indispensable to perform tasks that relate to your studies or your work. But it’s not always possible, especially if you visit Barcelona for some time and have no bank account and no a legal status that would allow you to have your own access at home. Therefore, it is very convenient to go to places or areas with free WiFi connection and thus able to work on our laptops as long as necessary. With this article, ShBarcelona wants to help you locate these places with free internet access as closely as possible to your home, office or the part of the city where you are.

The City Council launched a while ago the “Barcelona WiFi” project, which allows you to have free access to the Internet via WiFi at various locations such as municipal facilities and public places. There are 443 locations within this network that gives you free access to the Internet to search through your phone or get a connection from your laptop.

It is very common for some bars or cafes to the possibility to have WiFi connection for free, but you have to know where they are so you don’t start looking around the city to find such locations. Here are some places in Barcelona where you can have a drink or coffee while enjoying wireless connection: Café de La Central (C/ Mallorca 237), Canela y Chocolate (C/ Manigua, 32), Candela (Square Salvador Segui, 13), Cosmo (C/ Enric Granados 3), el Cèntric Canalla (C/ Ramadellers 27), Santa Gula (Square Narcis Oller, 3), Aldana (C/ Aldana, 9), Café Lennon (C/ Puigmartí, 35), Liadisimo Cafeteria (C/ Guillem Tell 25), Caravelle (Pintor Fortuny 31), and so on. You can always look for a sticker on the front door of a bar or a cafe with the WiFi sign.

In libraries across the city, you also have access to free WiFi. To use it once you are inside the library you should get a membership card that will give you the username and the PIN for you to get a connection to the network. The card is free and also allow you to the loan of books, guides, magazines, catalogs, CD’s, DVD’s and many other resources that may be very useful to you. Click on the link above to see what library is closer to your home, your place of studies or your work.

You have infinite online resources to find free WiFi connection places near to you: on Google Maps, Wifium, etc.

If you want to enjoy having Internet connection at home, ShBarcelona offers apartments with Internet and WiFi connection so you won’t have to look for hotspots or places with wireless network access. For example, this apartment in Gràcia, one of the most representative districts of Barcelona, offers internet access in the office included in the price and was recently renovated. A perfect place to stay and make the most of this cosmopolitan city. This apartment is also available in the district of Sants and has a studio and Internet included in the rent, that will make your stay much more enjoyable if you have to study or work with your laptop. And also has a small but cozy terrace! Located in central Barcelona is this apartment with internet included in the price, with a huge and comfortable red sofa, to make you feel at home.

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