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The best beers to buy from supermarkets in Barcelona

The best beers to buy from supermarkets in Barcelona
Written by Samuel

One thing I miss as a British expat living in Barcelona is being able to buy good quality ales in supermarkets. In British supermarkets there are always a wide array of ales, from hoppy IPA’s to dark malt driven stouts; we are spoiled for choice with our ales. In contrast, supermarkets in Barcelona have a far less extensive array of beers.6253_l1

What is perhaps surprising about this is that the Spanish actually enjoy drinking beer, and the thousands of Cervecerías dotted around the city is evidence of this. In fact, there are an increasing number of good bars serving real ales all over Barcelona, such as Homo Sibaris in Sants, or La Resistència in Eixample. However, this has not translated into a good selection of beers on offer in supermarkets, and for those looking to save money and drink at home rather than going out, this is rather frustrating. Accordingly, here are my five favourite beers available in most supermarkets in Barcelona.

Moritz (5.4%)

7-1 for a 330ml bottle. This is the weaker of the two alcoholic Mortiz beers that you will find in supermarkets. It’s slightly sweet, as all Spanish cervezas tend to be, but it has a nice bitterness that is not found in some of the bigger Spanish beer brands.

Estrella Damn (5.4%)

0.5-0.7 for a 330ml bottle. This is one of the most popular Spanish beers and estrella 2 to have become popular in England too. It’s not a classic, and it’s not going to make you purr when you drink it, but it is solid. It has a sweet almost berry-like taste, and a fairly crisp aftertaste. It’s not gourmet but is an adequate session beer!

Motitz epidor (7.2%)

1.0-1.2 for a 330ml bottle. Whilst it is the most expensive on my list, given its strength, it is good value for money. It has a nice dark amber colour and is extremely smooth given its strength. This is probably my favourite beer to buy in supermarkets. Be careful though, at 7.2% you can’t drink it by the litre!

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Estrella Galicia (5.5%)

San Miguel Advert1-1.2 for a 330ml bottle. This should not be confused with Estrella Damm. It is a completely different (and better tasting) beer than Estrella Damm. It’s significantly more expensive than other beers on my list, but you will definitely taste the difference. It has far more flavour, and unlike many Spanish beers you can taste some hops!

San Miguel (5.4%)

€0.50 for a 330ml bottle. This is not a beer from Barcelona, nor is it a classic, but its cheap and drinkable so makes it onto the list!

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Samuel Purnell is a journalism student living in Barcelona.


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