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Going out in Eixample

Written by Paula

Everyone knows that Barcelona is heard to beat when it comes to leisure activities. If you are a night owl, you will love going out to party at nightclubs, bars and pubs. Areas like Barceloneta have an abundance of these types of venues but they are so popular the prices are high and they easily become crowded.

Let’s explore the options available in Eixample instead, shall we?

Cool and original venues

Dow Jones Bar

bar eixample

Dow Jones Bar  is a very special place. As the name suggests, it is a bar that simulates the stock market experience. This means that their drinks prices vary depending on supply and demand, being featured on a large screen. Sometimes there is a crash and all drinks suddenly turn cheaper.

La Fira

La Fira is a very original disco, decorated like an old amusement park. The music vibes include commercial and Caribbean.

Mojito Club

A popular location among those who live in Eixample, Mojito Club is the place to go if you are a fan of salsa, bachata, merengue or reggaeton.

Electronic music in Eixample

City Hall

bar eixampleIf you are an electronic music buff, City Hall is the place to go. Located in Plaza Catalunya, this club has an international atmosphere and frequently puts on concerts.

Ommsession Club

If you prefer to somewhere where you will find more locals than foreigners, pay a visit to Ommsession Club. Part of Hotel Omm, this bar is known for its great cocktails but also for their high prices.

Michael Collins

If you want to go out for a beer and catch some live music, go to Michael Collins. This Irish-style bar located next to Sagrada Familia is also a great place to watch soccer matches with friends.

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