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Restaurants and tapas

Eating in Barcelona

Written by James

Tapas are a type of Spanish dish that combines a variety of small portions of food. This dish is perfect for sharing with friends, and no trip to Spain would be complete without tapas. Barcelona especially is renowned for its high-quality tapas bars, and the following piece will examine some of the most popular establishments as well as discussing how to rent a flat in Barcelona.

Popular Tapas Bars

tapa barcelonaAlthough every big city in the world has its own tapas bars, none of them compare to those found in Barcelona. In addition to this article, readers should also check out the Guardian’s Best Tapas Bar list, and Trip Advisor’s similar piece. Generations of chefs and families have spent years perfecting their tapas recipes, and the following are among the most loved tapas bars in the city.


Roure is a favourite among Catalan natives and is not so well known among tourists, making it the ideal spot to stop off for a relaxing long dinner with friends. During the day, Roure caters to an older crowd so if you’re looking for somewhere for a quiet lunch on your own then you are strongly advised to stop by. Prices in Roure are very reasonable, and it can be found at Carrer de Luis Antunez.


Visiting La Sagrada Familia can be a hunger-inducing activity, but luckily for sightseers, this top-notch tapas bar is just around the corner. Surprisingly enough, Tossa is rarely filled with tourists and if you’re looking for somewhere to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city then this is a choice spot. The bar itself is quite roomy, and there is a terrace outside if you want to sit in the afternoon sun. As with Roure, prices are quite reasonable and the food itself is delicious. Tossa is located at Carrer de Napoles.

El Rincon del Cava

Students living in Barcelona and those on a tight budget will be happy to know that El Rincon del Cava is a popular tapas bar that charges less than €3 for the majority of their meals. The bar also serves half-portions allowing patrons to sample the various dishes before they commit to a full meal. Drinks are also inexpensive, with a pint of beer coming in at also just under €3. El Rincon del Cava is located Carrer de Blasco de Garay.

Los Toreros

Although bullfighting is no longer a fixture in the Spanish calendar, this quirky tapas bar is an excellent example of the type of establishments that were all the rage during the height of bullfighting’s popularity in the 1960’s. Readers interested in learning more about Barcelona’s colorful history with bullfighting should definitely check out Los Toreros. It is situated at Carrer d’en Xucla.

Staying in Barcelona

There are plenty of places to stay in Barcelona, but it’s a good idea to rent from a reputable company like ShBarcelona, who are the leaders in single month apartment rentals. There are a variety of properties to choose from for different periods of time, meaning that there is a place for everyone, regardless of your situation and how long you plan on staying in the city. If you’re looking for long term rental in Barcelona, then you should definitely contact ShBarcelona as they have a number of properties for sale.

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