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Homeopathy Schools in Barcelona

Written by Suzannah Riddell

You won’t get far in Barcelona before you come across a center offering natural therapies. Among the most popular are acupuncture, osteopathy, shiatsu, and homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy?

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Homeopathy originated in Germany in the 18th century. It’s based on the principle of similars or the idea that ‘like cures like’, the same principle which immunizations and allergy treatments are based on. This principle involves using a substance to treat a disease that, instead of suppressing symptoms, mimics them and in doing so stimulates the body’s defenses. For example, Belladonna (Poison Ivy), is a substance which causes redness, itching, burning, blistering, and sometimes stiff muscles. In homeopathy, it is used as a cure for anything from herpes, burns, eczema, and arthritis. Another feature of homeopathy is the dosage, which is very small, also known as a nano dose.

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Studying homeopathy in Barcelona

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If you are thinking of studying homeopathy, there are a number of schools in Barcelona in which you can pursue this, whether for personal or professional practice. Bear in mind that homeopathy is not regulated by the Ministry of Education and it’s not possible to study it at a university undergraduate level anywhere in Spain. Only if you hold a recognized allopathic medical degree can you study a postgraduate qualification in a natural therapy. However, there are many schools which offer certificates in alternative therapies, including homeopathy, which give you the right to practice in Spain. That being said, the law in Spain surrounding alternative medicine practice is a little gray, so we advise you learn more about it before you commit to a course of study. All the schools mentioned below offer online courses. If you are looking for an alternative therapist, all these schools offer a clinic where a number of different treatments are available.


The Instituto Superior de Medicinas Tradicionales was founded in 1992 and offers a three-year diploma course in a combined Homeopathy and Natural Therapies course, as well as a post-graduate diploma in Homeopathy. The Post Graduate Diploma is affiliated to the University of Vic. Ismet provides the largest range of courses of any school of alternative therapies in Barcelona and includes courses including osteopathy and shiatsu.

Heilpraktiker Institut

The Heilpraktiker Institut is one of the oldest schools of natural therapies in Barcelona, celebrating 36 years of professional training in homeopathy and a number of other disciplines. A two-year dedicated diploma in Homeopathy is offered, as well as a three or four year combined Natural Therapies and Homeopathy course (the fourth year is a post graduate course).

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The Institute of Homeopathy in Barcelona is a dedicated homeopathy school which offers classes and puts on a variety of talks, meetings and congresses on homeopathy in different contexts and specializations, across Europe. Three levels of studies are offered; diploma, graduate, and master; each taking one academic year to complete. The school offers clinical practices in India.

Estudios Naturistas

The Escuela de Estudios Naturistas offers a number of courses, including homeopathy and also provides ongoing professional development courses for practitioners.

C. A. B.

La Escuela de Terapieas Alternativeas Cardesin offers a two-year homeopathy course, as well as a homeopathy for veterinarians course.

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About the author

Suzannah Riddell

Suzannah is a writer, dancer, and alternative therapist living in Barcelona.


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  • hello . i want to learn more about homeopathy. my bhms is finish after one year . plzzz tell me how can i come in spain for homeopathy study

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