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Barcelona with kids

Discover Keiko’s Dream, language learning for children

Written by Christine

More and more experts agree these days that one of the best and easiest ways to learn a language is at a young age and through immersion or by using all of your senses in the learning process. While there are tons of language academies in Barcelona where you can learn English or French, there are only a select few that are aimed entirely for children and young adults. Keiko’s Dream is a learning center focused on making language immersion for kids a fun and easy process.

A bit about the center

Photo by Howard County Library System via VisualHunt

Keiko’s Dream is a wonderful and unique language-learning center located in Poblenou, whose aim is to help children not only learn and acquire languages but also to develop and grow with core moral values and beliefs. Diversity is promoted, as well as teamwork, respect, and the ability to take initiative in one’s own learning. The highly-trained staff of native teachers help their students to work in teams and in collaboration with their peers to develop their language and life skills, all the while having fun and enjoying themselves.

Address: Carrer de Fluvià, 29

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At Keiko’s Dream, the teachers believe that language is acquired through play and through sensory activities, and that through dynamic activities such as these, children don’t even realize that they are learning. English and French are used as tools in the class and a means of communication to complete the activities and not as a focus of study. At Keiko’s Dream, all of the courses are completely taught in a second language so that the child is immersed in it and takes in all of the necessary vocabulary to do the activities.

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Activities and courses

Photo by Pixabay

Classes take place in the afternoons from Monday to Thursday, which range in variety depending on the age and ability of the students. Examples of activities in the courses include storytelling, arts and crafts, role-plays, and speaking games, especially for teens and tweens.

On Fridays, students have the opportunity to take place in the Cinema Club, which is a movie showing in English and is free to all students (attendance must be confirmed before the showing to ensure space).

There are also workshops for kids and families on Fridays and Saturdays so that the whole family can be involved in the learning process.

All classes are taught in small groups to ensure that students get personal attention and all activities are meaningful and fun. Kids love Keiko’s Dream because it is a fun place to learn and grow.

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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