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Barcelona with kids

What are the best areas for families to live in Barcelona?

Written by Alix Simonovitch

Deciding to start a family in a large and cosmopolitan city like Barcelona involves rethinking some things, such as switching neighborhoods. It is a very personal decision and will depend, basically, on what factors parents value for the upbringing of their children. To help you, we have detailed the best areas of Barcelona to live with children. We have made a selection based on criteria such as tranquility, transport accessibility and services available. 

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Sarrià- Sant Gervasi

Photo by Jorge Franganillo via Visualhunt

Sarrià- Sant Gervasi is known as the “upper zone” of Barcelona, both in a geographic and economic sense, as it is the most expensive neighborhood to live in the city and it has the most exclusive services. In fact, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi was the district best rated by its inhabitants until last year, when Les Corts dethroned it. There, you can enjoy the tranquility, a family-friendly atmosphere, and the many, many parks. All of them are very important factors to take into account if you have children. You can visit CosmoCaixa, an interactive science museum that also offers different workshops for kids, go to the Tibidabo amusement park, or just walk around peacefully, without having to deal with a lot of traffic and large crowds.

Les Corts

Les Corts is another one of the classiest districts in the city, located close to Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. It is a rich neighborhood as well but it is a little more eclectic and it is closer to the center. There are also many attractions to discover. Camp Nou is located in this district which means you can take your kids to see the museum or even to a Barça match. Here you will find a lot of tranquility, a family-friendly atmosphere, and many parks, and accommodation that is more affordable than in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi.

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Photo by illustir via VisualHunt

Gràcia is another great area to live with children. The main reasons for that are the location and the tranquility. Most of the district is very well located and connected, and the neighborhood of Vila de Gràcia is fairly central. It’s a more peaceful area to live in than other central districts, with less traffic and tourists. It’s easily accessible by public transport, but getting around by car is not so convenient in Vila de Gràcia, as is almost pedestrian. The numerous plazas that dot the neighborhood make it a good area for the little ones. It is like a small town within Barcelona, where everything is more relaxed, and where you can also find all a variety of stores, restaurants and services to meet all of your needs.

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About the author

Alix Simonovitch

Traveler and blogger, Alix wrote about the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels before moving to Barcelona 9 years ago. Writer and translator specialized in tourism and gastronomy, she wants to share all her discoveries in her new city.


  • Gracia… tranquility!!? Really. lol Its a bit run down and dirty. And very, very noisy at night. Not one i’d recommend for ‘families’ looking for a place to live as suggested in the article. If you want a central barrio parts of Poblenou would be much better. Cleaner, quieter, better amenities and closer to the beach.

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