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Barcelona with kids

Where to Buy Wooden Toys in or Near Barcelona

Written by Brian S

It sometimes seems as if kids are moving away from traditional toys in favor of video games and television these days. However, there are still a few places out there that specialize in creating unique and imaginative wooden toys that children love to play with. Here are a few of the best places in and around Barcelona where you can buy wooden toys to capture your children’s attention and get them away from the all the screens for a while.

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Andreu Toys

Photo via Pixabay

Since 1973, Andreu Toys has been creating top-quality toys and educational games with children in mind. In addition to the lifesize toys they construct out of wood, Andreu also builds smaller toys for children under three. All toys are hand carved, shaped perfectly, and hand-painted with unique designs. They even offer make-your-own box sets in which kids can choose a theme with wooden parts and paint it any color they like. Box sets are sold both online and in-store. 

Address: Carrer Voravia, 8, 08554 Seva, Barcelona


Photo via Pixabay

Palau is one of the coolest places to go for children’s gifts. The store is known for its miniature vehicles including model trains, cars, and boats. They also have a section for wooden boats that can be bought pre-assembled or ready to be assembled at home. They even have special models such as the legendary Spanish flotilla Navy so kids can go on their own conquistador adventure.

Addresses: Carrer de Balmes, 72, 08007 Barcelona and Ronda. St. Antoni, 61 08011 Barcelona Barcelona

El Nan Toys

Photo via Pexels

El Nan Toys is outside of Barcelona in nearby Reus. They’re dedicated to creating wooden toys for children to play with while letting their imagination run wild. They offer toys in various sizes and shapes, including tall buildings that can be constructed with NanBlocks, NanHouse, and NanTower materials. They even sell NanStickers to customize the look of each wooden block. Each piece comes from sustainable local forests in the area. El Nan Toys promotes freethinking creation so all children can be free to build their own unique designs.

Address: Plaça Prim, 10, 43201 Reus, Spain

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Toys are important for all children, especially when it comes to their physical connection to the world around them. Even in a world that’s quickly changing in terms of new technologies, there’s something special about traditional wooden toys that continues to capture the imagination of children today.

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