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Barcelona with kids

Children’s Activities and Interests in Barcelona

Written by James

If you’re visiting Barcelona with your family, or are currently residing there then you may be wondering what activities and interests are available for your children to engage in. Barcelona is considered to be one of the most culturally rich cities in Europe, and there are plenty of things to see and do. The same goes for children, and this article will cover some of the more enjoyable activities as well as give information on how to rent a flat in Barcelona.

Museums for Children

There are lots of museums and places of culture for children in the city and the majority of them are open all year round. The Archaeological Museum of Barcelona is to be found at the base of Montjuic, and contains exhibitions detailing what life was like during pre-history times. The Archaeological Museum of Barcelona is open daily and tickets can be bought for prices for as low €3. The Museum of Ideas and Inventions is a relatively new location and is a great place to take children of all ages. The museum itself is divided into five separate collections including the Corner of the Absurd, which introduces children to the idea of surrealist and expressionist art. Children are allowed to submit their own designs and the Museum of Ideas and Inventions is open to the public everyday except for Mondays.

Barcelona Libraries

Libraries in the city are an excellent place to take your children during the day and most libraries in Barcelona have a varied schedule of activities and storytelling classes to keep the children occupied. The librarians and employees of Llibres a Escena perform short musical renditions of books that are popular with young children. Sac de Rondalles is another library that engages in storytelling, but here the focus is on the spoken word and shows are quite stripped in their approach.

Find Apartments to Rent in Barcelona

People looking for apartments to rent in Barcelona will find that their choice of rental agent and accommodation is generally influenced by the length time they plan on staying there. There are plenty of different rental agents, but it’s always a wise move to rent from a company such as ShBarcelona, as they have a variety of properties to choose from for a range of rental lengths. Indeed, the company is involved in Barcelona Real Estate and there are a number of apartments and houses for sale if you are interested in moving to Barcelona on a more permanent basis.

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