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Living in Barcelona

Saving with Carnet Joven

Written by Mario

For many tourists Barcelona may seem relatively cheap. Yet if you start living here, you’ll realize how the tourist boom has raised prices in many ways. Also for students and those who came here to party it may also be pricy. However, if you’re under 30 there is something that will make your stay a bit more affordable. The Carnet Joven is a youth card that gives discounts and offers throughout Catalonia. And it costs just 7.90€ per year! Here you’ll find a quick guide of how to get your Carnet Joven and a few of the offers it provides.

Carnet Joven Registration

Photo by Visualhunt

Photo by Visualhunt

You can get your Carnet Joven at either the Youth Information Office (Oficina Jove de Treball) or any ‘la Caixa’ bank. The Youth Information Office is at C/ de Calàbria, 147 and can be reached by Line 1 (Rocafort stop). To register all you need to do is bring your NIE or passport, 7.90€ and to fill out a short form. You’ll be able to pick up your card in one to two weeks time. It’s important to note that the Carnet Joven lasts from the start till the end of a calendar year. That means if you register in October, you’d only benefit for the last three months of the year. You can also renew your Carnet Joven every year until the day before your 30th birthday. In case your Spanish is limited, you need a temporary card, or if you just have a passport it’s best to go to the Youth Information Office.

Main Offers

The Carnet Joven has over 3,500 partners, so you can find great offers and discounts at many tourist attractions, museums and more. You can find them all here, yet the website is in Catalan. For transport you’ll get a 20% discount with Renfe on medium and long distance. You’ll also get reduced price of about 20% or more in several Cinemas, like Yelmo in Barcelona.

‘Jove’ Booklet

Photo by Visualhunt

Photo by Visualhunt

Along with your Carnet Joven you’ll also get a booklet of one-time offers for events, restaurants, and more! Perhaps the most popular are the 2 for 1 ticket to Barca football games and Port Aventura (a water park). It also provides offers on concerts and numerous seasonal activities like ice skating and skiing.

Once you’ve gotten your Carnet Joven and tried it out around Catalonia, let us know in the comments below what you think the best offers and deals you got. Enjoy all those extra euros you’ll save!

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Mario is a multi-talented Swiss raised in NY, currently living in Barcelona. He is pursuing a career as a maker and tech educator, which merges his love of technology and education.


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