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Sailing Adventures in Barcelona

Written by Emily Elwes

Many visitors to Barcelona never truly enjoy the amazing tranquility and beautiful views from the Mediterranean. Whether you enjoy classic sailing on a sailboat, cruising on a yacht or partying on a catamaran there are tons of options to enjoy this magnificent natural wonder with vistas of Sea, Mountain and City Skylines. Do not stay couped up in your monthly apartment rental in Barcelona, get out and enjoy the natural wonders around you.

sailing in Barcelona gemini azul cabinTraditional Sailing

There is nothing like the quiet tranquility of sailing over the sea in a sail boat that glides through the waves in a great coastal tour. There are many sail boat operators from new single mast-single sail boats to older classic single mast-double sail boats that can offer a variety of sailing options. Most offer the basic lessons on sailing, some expect you to help out, while all provide an amazing half or full day of adventure. Some outfits also allow to you private charter their boat or design a custom sailing adventure out of Barcelona, such as Gemini. The Gemini sailboat offers half and full day trips with groups from 1 to 8 people allowing a convenient and inexpensive option from €190 for 1-2 people for 3.5 hours to €560 for 8 people for 7 hours of sailing.  If you are looking for more modern sailboats, Azul Sailing offers multiple sailboat options including with or without a skipper, single cabin-double berths all the way up to 5 cabins and 11 berths for great overnight trips. Day trips are also available on small to large sailboats.

sailing in Barcelona gemini catamaranParty Catamaran

If you want something a little different a catamaran can be a great way to get out on the water sailing, swimming and a general good time. With special sunset and jazz cruises, or party cruises a catamaran can be a great way to experience the Mediterranean Sea up close and personal with great vistas of Barcelona city views with a backdrop of the mountains. Orsom Catamaran provides regular public sailings open to anyone, private charters, wine tastings, weddings, and even the catering aboard their catamarans. Other pleasure and leisure sailings on a Barcelona catamaran can be found here.

Yacht Saisailing in Barcelona gemini sailboatling

Yacht sailing can be a great alternative to traditional sailing by offering amenities such as cabins and motorized cruising to ensure comfort and luxury. Most yacht sailing can include an educational portion, private and romantic cruises, group sailings and usually consist of small parties. Remember to wear running shoes or boat shoes, clothing to match the season of the year, a complete change of clothing, a warm sweater or jacket and sunscreen. Get out of your monthly apartment rental in Barcelona by stepping into another world upon a great sailing vessel and seeing the city by another vantage point.

Please let us know your experience of sailing on the Mediterranean out of Barcelona including your recommendations for sailing providers.

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Emily Elwes

Emily is a freelance content editor & manager living & working in Barcelona. She's passionate about food, drink, language and collaborative consumption.

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