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5 Cocktails for the Summer

exotic cocktail in sand with sea behind it
Written by David

Are you staying in your accommodation near the beach, or fully enjoying a luxury apartment, and are cocktails your thing? Are you tired of just drinking sangría and beer and up for something different?

ShBarcelona offers you the top 5 refreshing cocktails in the city and some ideas where you may enjoy them.

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Drink delicious cocktails in Barcelona

Gin tonic

inside cocktail bar

Photo via Pixabay

Gintonic is still the trendy drink all year round. There are so many varieties and combinations possible as gins and tonics in the market. You can drink a good gintonic in lots of places in Barcelona, some bars specialise in this famous cocktail and even have a gintonic trolley.

You can try a gin tonic in a nice terrace in a pedestrian street in the Eixample district, like Enric Granados, or in a rambla like Rambla Raval in the Raval neighbourhood or la Rambla del Poblenou in the Poblenou neighbourhood.

You can also enjoy it in a terrace hotel bar, in a chiringuito at the beach or at a bar at night in a hipster street like Joaquim Costa, or at a specialised cocktail bar, like the deliciously retro Balius, again in Poblenou.

Prices may vary not only because of the quality of the gin,  the place is also a factor, but  the average price is usually from 5 to 10€ (or even more).

Frozen Margarita

You can enjoy Margaritas, the famous cocktail with salt on the rim of the glass, in lots of places in Barcelona. But even a better alternative for the summer is the frozen Margarita, refreshing and delicious, a combination of Margarita and granizado.

A good place for frozen Margaritas is El Pachuco, a Mexican restaurant in the Raval neighbourhood, where you can try this fantastic cocktail for around 4€, or if you become addicted to it (which can easily be the case) even order a jug!

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two cocktail glasses with frozen margaritas and black straws

Photo via Pixabay

The daiquiri is another classic cocktail that is always a good option for the summer. Lemon or strawberry, again, you decide where to take it. It’s more a night cocktail, but everything is allowed in summer, so why not having one at the beach or on a hotel terrace?

If you still prefer the night and want to wander around Raval, in Rabipelao (Riera Alta Street, 50) they serve excellent strawberry Daiquiris, or you can also try Zelig (Carme Street 116), with a small terrace and always a good atmosphere at night.


In the Catalan version of the Mimosa cocktail we mix cava and orange juice. It’s refreshing and tasty, ideal to have with your brunch, although you can have it anytime.

What? You still don’t know places to have a good brunch in Barcelona?


Mojitos are not so trendy anymore, but they’ve become a classic. Served everywhere in the city, at different prices and qualities, it seems that the beach is the best location for a Mojito.

Try the lively Chiringuitos in Mar Bella in the Diagonal Mar i el Front Maritim del Poblenou neighbourhood for lots of action or El Calamar, offering live music, DJ sessions, and other activities every night at the beach of El Prat de Llobregat.

What is your favourite cocktail and the best place to drink it in Barcelona?

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David is an English teacher and a part-time writer.

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