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Jazz Dancing in Barcelona

Written by Brian S

In every corner of Barcelona, there is a club, bar, or a class where you can go dancing to all types of music. One genre of music that thrives in Barcelona is jazz, and with it, jazz dancing. Jazz stands out from other forms of dance while incorporating the basic moves of many of them at the same time. It has been around for more than a century and continues going strong in Barcelona. Here’s a little background on the jazz movement and where you can find jazz dance classes in Barcelona.

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What is Jazz Dancing?

Photo by Eric Esquivel via Visualhunt

Jazz dancing come from the dancing done by African-Americans in the early 20th century. The term was used to describe the dance they did to this new genre of music. There is debate, however, over where the word “jazz” came from and what it means. First, it included tap dance and jitterbug, then ballet was added in the 1920s when the first described “non-jazz” jazz dance emerged. It was later revised as the “modern jazz dance” in the 1950s despite no connections to original jazz dancing. Swing and the Lindy Hop can also be described as jazz dances and, in more contemporary ways, jazz dance incorporated elements from the Carribean and Latin America such as the tango, salsa, and bossa nova.

In terms of characteristics, jazz dance involves the isolation of one part of the body which moves in rhythm. The arms or legs move around in various ways, either slowly or quickly. Many world-famous choreographers and singers were be influenced by jazz dancing, including Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, Jerome Robbins, and Michael Bennett.

Where to Take Jazz Dance Classes

Photo by teo_ladodicivideo via Visualhunt

For young aspiring dancers, the Institute of the Arts – Barcelona offers a three-year BA in their Dance Program. It’s a fitting option for dancers with passion, creativity, and imagination dreaming of a career as a dancer in any genre of music. For those who want to take less formal training classes, the Slam Dancing Studio for beginners and intermediates, adults and kids offers jazz dance classes year round. Also, this March, you can go to the annual Jazz Dance Festival where newcomers can learn while also watching professionals during the weekend festivities.

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Jazz dancing is a thrilling, artistic, and exuberant art that emphasizes a range of feelings through motion. In Barcelona, jazz dancing continues to thrive in bars and dance studios throughout the city. If you’re interested in giving it a try, just visit one of the dance schools or jazz events in the city and get a taste of it for yourself.

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