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The Latin flavors of music in Barcelona

Written by Christine

Barcelona has become a melting pot of sorts in recent years, bringing people from all over the world to one city and creating a unique culture. With a wave of immigration from Latin American countries, a sampling of Latin music and dance styles are becoming a part of Barcelona’s modern heritage. Sounds that can be heard on the radio or in the discotecas at night, music and rhythms that will want to make you get up and dance to the beat.

Move to the beat and learn how to dance

Photo credit: Aaron Guy Leroux via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Aaron Guy Leroux via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

In recent years, music styles such as salsa and bachata have become widely popular throughout Spain. If you are new to Latin music and dance and want to learn some moves and becomes acquainted with the rhythms and sounds, there are several dance studios across the city to help get you cha-cha-cha-ing.  u!Dance is a dance studio with five locations across Barcelona, featuring Cubana, bachata (originating from the Dominican Republic), and kizomba  classes.  Whether it’s your first time dancing or you’re a seasoned pro, u!Dance will introduce you to the sounds of Latin music and teach you the basic steps as you learn to move to the beat.  You can also check out The Salsa Room on the weekends which has salsa music pumping all night long, and you can dance the night away and learn new moves from certified teachers.  After you’ve picked up some steps you’re ready to get out on the night scene!

Antilla Salsa

Located on Carrer d’Aragó in Eixample is Antilla Salsa, the premiere Latin music nightclub in Barcelona since 1993.  Check out their website to see who will be spinning tracks that night, as the DJs range in style from salsa to merengue to rumba and beyond.  The style of music may change from night to night, but you can count on hearing some of the latest Latin music as well as classics.  All of the music will make you want to get up and dance and will make you feel as if you have been transported to the Caribbean or Latin America.  You can also enjoy performances of live music and dancing exhibitions and take part in free salsa workshops.  You can check out Antilla not only during the weekends but there are special events throughout the week as well.

Discoteca Mojito

Photo credit: klem@s via Visual hunt / CC BY

Photo credit: klem@s via Visual hunt / CC BY

Mojito is located in Eixample as well and offers salsa and Latin dancing classes Monday through Friday in the afternoons.  Thursday through Saturday during the evenings, Mojito turns into a Latin music discoteca featuring different DJs every week.  There are also free workshops that you can try out to learn some new dance moves and hear some great salsa and bachata music.  Thursdays and Sundays are dedicated to salsa and bachata but on Fridays and Saturdays, there is a mix of international Latin music to give you a taste of everything. Every Sunday there is always a live performance of Cuban salsa, which you can catch every week.  The perfect way to cap off the weekend is by hearing some great music at Mojito and then dance the night away!

About the author


Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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  • Hello
    Which place in Spain would you recommend as the best for kizomba courses …in any city Barcelona ? Madrid ?
    Thinking about where to go for my next holidays and l want to take as much as possible some classes and dance…
    Salsa , bachata etc..

    Thank you

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