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Bike Repair Shops in Barcelona

Bicycle repair Barcelona
Written by Jeremy

Barcelona is undoubtedly a city that caters to bike lovers. First off, the majority of the city is relatively flat. There’s no shortage of bike rental services, marked bicycle lanes criss-cross the barrios and run parallel to the beach, and bicycle tours around Barcelona and through neighboring cities in Catalonia are easy to find. Even Bicing–Barcelona’s bike sharing system–is widely used, sometimes to the extent that finding a bike to rent during peak times can be nearly impossible in some neighborhoods.

If you’re planning to stay in Barcelona for longer than a couple of months, it can be worth it to bring your bike from home or pick up a used one when you arrive. In the long run, it’s cheaper than constantly paying for the metro and buses, and fortunately, there’s a handful of decent bike repair shops in Barcelona to either replace a flat tire or swap out components on a vintage frame you bought on the cheap.

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Here are ShBarcelona’s picks for the best bike shops in Barcelona. We put emphasis on shops that service bikes for maintenance and repairs as well as offer customization.

Barceloneta Bikes

bicycle repairThis trendy shop near the beach in Plaza Poeta Bosca caters mostly to fixed gear riders with an affinity for catchy color schemes, durable components, and no breaks. If they don’t stock what you’re looking for, they should be able to help you find it. They’re fairly connected to the Barcelona fixed gear scene, making them worth a like on Facebook if you’d like to learn more. Aside from fixies, they also do general repairs, sell complete bicycles and offer bicycle rentals.

Carrer d’lAtlantida, 49 08003

Ajo Bike

A good place to keep in mind even if you don’t live near their shop in Raval, they can handle repairs and replace a wide range of parts at reasonable prices. It’s an ideal starting point if you just snagged cheap second-hand bike that needs a bit of work. Students get a 10% discount and any bike part you buy from Ajo (50 Euros and up) receives free installation.

Carrer d’En Roig, 5 08001

Bike Gracia

The number one seller of Brompton bicycles in Barcelona is also a full-service bicycle repair shop in Gracia. Besides their knowledge of folding bikes, these are also the guys to talk to for cargo bikes, recumbents and trikes. they also stock a wide range of cargo racks and panniers.

Carrer del Terol, 30 08012

Green Bikes Barcelona

Another good place to bring vintage bicycles back to life, Green Bikes claims to be the only full-service bike repair shop in the Gothic quarter and they pride themselves on a quick turnaround. Two big pluses of this shop are their bi-lingual staff and well-priced second-hand bicycles.

Carrer d’Ataulf, 8 08002

Bike Service Barcelona

Bike theft in Barcelona is a problem and Bike Service Barcelona is one of a few shops in the city that offers bike registration and marking. For 22 Euros they’ll brand you bike to make it easier to recover if ever stolen. Registration is free. The shop also does full-service repairs and builds custom wheels.

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 519 08013

Thomas Domingo: The Bike

bicycle shopsThis shop is best suited for elite road cyclists and mountain bikers. Here you’ll find any high-end you need and their knowledgeable mechanics can install every component to perfect specs. Not the cheapest in town, but if your bike has all the parts of a Tour De France contender, they’re your best bet.

Carrer Roger de Llúria, 115 08037

Know of other bike shops in Barcelona? Add them in the comments below.

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