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Social Point, a Catalan company with more than 70 million in sales

Written by Adriana

We know that many of you have had much of your life your own project in mind as you were working for companies contracted to carry out the ideas and projects of another people. Now with the financial crisis in Spain many that you had or still have this idea maybe have lost their jobs. Well, from ShBarcelona we encourage you to try to carry out this idea, as once did Horacio Martos and Andrés Bou with Social Point because there is nothing better to be happy than working for self fulfilling your own dreams. In that case we do not mind working overtime and on weekends or holidays, right?

What is Social Point?

SocialPointIt is a social gaming company on the Internet founded in 2008 by Martos and Bou when they graduated with the aim of creating online free games for Facebook, and this year closed its third round of investment having won 30 million dollars. Social Point is currently specialized in strategy games for cell phones and has become a benchmark of success in technological entrepreneurship. Their best-known games, Dragon City and Monster Legends, have become a global phenomenon and  they are the third game maker in Facebook. Now they want to go public in three years and obtain 98% of its revenue outside Spain. Globalization and new Internet-related technologies enable any entrepreneur with a good project, a good team and enough capital, to succeed internationally.

social pointApparently, social games for Facebook and cell phones (or breeding games) are experiencing a different scenario than the traditional videogame, as they offer a very immersive experience that gets the user caught with a simple logic suited for all public, besides not having any cost. Martos, one of the founders of Social Point, says that micro-transactions of these free games are not very high but enough if we think the market players is huge.

A city for entrepreneurs

Barcelona is a city that slowly is becoming a “technology hub“, an ideal place to undertake and create a technology startup instead. This is due to the great support entrepreneurship, as well as the presence of talent coming out of the Masters and of high quality universities of Barcelona.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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