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International cuisine

Where To Find The Best German Sausages in Barcelona

Written by Laura

German sausages are one of the continent’s most well-known culinary products, appreciated by national and international lovers alike of European gourmet gastronomy. These elaborate meats, made with spicy pork or beef and available both raw and cooked, are one of the stars of German cuisine, similarly to how Spaniards consider their paella. There are different types and qualities of sausages, some made with unusual parts of the animal that are usually taken out and other versions with high-quality meat that makes the sausage extra delicious. In this article from ShBarcelona we will be talking where to find the best German sausages in the Catalan capital.

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Get a taste of Barcelona’s best German sausages

Photo via Pixabay

While German cuisine is certainly not limited to just beer and German sausages, it’s true that they are some of the most famous foods in the German kitchen. (Similar associations are made about classic foods in nearly all countries – for example, in Spain, people do frequently have paella and tortilla de patata, but these two foods are obviously not the summation of the Spanish diet, nor are they the most delicious options). German sausages go by many different names according to the way the meat is prepared, which affects their taste and composition. All the names, however, end in wurst, a word that describes the general way in which the meat is used and prepared.

For starters, we have Biewurst, seasoned with forest fruits, juniper and cardamom, as well as Blutwurst, or blood sausage made with, you guessed it, animal blood. Bockwurst is made with a mix of pork, beef, turkey or seasoned chicken and are usually enjoyed cooked. Next we move on to Bratwurst, a variety of sausage made with mixed pork and veal and seasoned with nutmeg, pepper or ginger, although they may differ depending on the region. A Frankfurter is the traditional sausage of Frankfurt, made with boiled and smoked pork. Finally, there is the Wienerwurst and the Wiebwurst, the first seasoned with garlic and cilantro and the second with different spices and egg.

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Photo via Pixabay

Within Barcelona, you can find various locations that specialize in German sausages. The first one we recommend is Don Bratwurst, located at Passeig Fabra i Puig 374, where you can enjoy a variety of excellent German sausages and beers that will add something refreshing to your meal. An alternative is Antigua Fábrica de Moritz, which has some of the Ciudad Condal’s most enticing and high-quality German sausages. Each week this restaurant imports quality artisanal German sausages made in Düsseldorf. Finally, you’ll want to taste the sausages at Hora Punta, which has three locations in the city: Capitán Arenas 66, Mallorca 194 and Déu i Mata 54. Each of these small local restaurants offer excellent varieties of German sausages and other filling delicacies such as different types of hamburgers and sandwiches, all quality-made and fairly low-cost.

Do you enjoy German sausages? Is there another place in Barcelona where you’ve had this mouth-watering delicacy?

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