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International cuisine

Venezuelan restaurants in Barcelona

Written by Paula

Venezuelan gastronomy is very rich and varied, a mix of different gastronomic habits from countries such as Portugal, France, Italy, Spain, the African continent, and the gastronomy from indigenous Venezuelan peoples.

Venezuelan restaurants in BarcelonaSome of the main dishes of the Venezuelan gastronomy are Cachapa, a sort of corn pancake, cachitos, something resembling a croissant, with ham inside, caraotas negras, black beans, chivo en coco, goat meat cooked in coconut milk, topped with fried mashed green bananas. Some of their main desserts include besitos de coco, a small, round coconut candy, brazo de Gitano, a Spanish rolled cake, torta de jojoto, corn cake, and torta de ayuama, a pumpkin cake.

If you feel your mouth watering and would like to find a place where you can taste this wonderfully rich gastronomy, choose one of the various Venezuelan restaurants in Barcelona.

La Taguara Areperia 

La Taguara Areperia specializes in arepas. An arepa is a flatbread made out of ground maize dough or cooked flour, prepared at La Taguara Areperia with a variety of ingredients inside like cheese, avocado, tuna, beans or meat. The restaurant also prepares cachitos de jamón, pastelitos and natural juices, all at a very low price.

La Taguara Areperia is located at Carrer Rec, 10.

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El Rincon de la abuela Venezolana 

El Rincon de la abuela Venezolana’s menu can make anyone’s mouth water. Fried banana with melted cheese, ranch nachos, fried yucca, arepas, black beans with meat…  El Rincon de la abuela Venezolana is a restaurant that offers delicious homemade food at affordable prices.

And if after the meal you still find yourself craving more, pay a visit to El Rincon de la abuela Venezolana’s store, where you can buy anything from Venezuelan cheese to Venezuelan bear.

El Rincon de la abuela Venezolana is located at Calle Mallorca, 470.

La Orquidea

La Orquidea is a fusion restaurant that has two different menus: a Venezuelan menu and a Mexican Menu. The Venezuelan menu includes all the typical Venezuelan dishes like tequeños, cheese sticks, tajadas, fried banaba served with melted cheese, asado negro, roasted meat with a sugar cane reduction, served with white rice and fried banana, empanadas and cachapas.

This beautiful and classy restaurant is located at Carrer de Lull, 234.

Rabipelao Rawalistan 

restaurant barcelonaLocated inside the Raval neighborhood, Rabipelao Rawalistan offers a variety of hamburgers, arepas, tequeños, tostoncitos, empanadas and tajadas. The restaurant also offers full dishes like ceviche con tostones, pabellón criollo and toston playero.

 Rabipelao Rawalistan is located at Carrer de la Riera Alta, 50.

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