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Best hot dogs in Barcelona

Written by Paula

One of the top fast food choices in the world, the hot dog was first popularized in America, spreading later to other parts of the world.

The traditional hot dog is composed by a cooked sausage served in a sliced bun with ketchup and/or mustard.

hot dog barcelonaToday there are countless varieties of this tasty sandwich, including tofu dogs, a hot dog that is fit for vegetarians.

Here is ShBarcelona’s list of best hot dogs in Barcelona.


Butipà takes hot dogs to a whole different level, offering a gourmet version of this American treat, created with the best local produce. The restaurant replaces the typical hot dog by a modern, Catalan version in which the sausages are replaced by butifarras. There are 12 different flavors of butifarra to choose from and a variety of sauces to maximize taste and enhance your gastronomic experience.

Butipà is located at Carrer de les Ramelleres, number 16, in the Raval neighborhood.

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El Pibe

El Pibe is a fast food chain with more than 40 years of existence, specializing in sandwiches. Some of their hot dog choices include Catalan butifarra seasoned with salt and pepper, blood sausage with spices, liqueur-flavored smoked sausage, and mushroom sausage.

You can find El Pibe at Rambla del Poblenou 41, Carrer de la Diputación 416, Avinguda Meridiana 430, Carrer de la Artesanía 54 and Avinguda República Argentina 12.

The dog is hot 

The dog is hot  is a vegetarian paradise! For those who have given up meat but still crave hot dogs, The hog is dog offers not one, but eleven varieties of vegetarian hot dogs. This means that you can choose almost any hot dog on the menu and have it vegetarian-style. Some of the amazing choices offered by The hot is dog are:

Sapa dog – mashed potatoes, corn, fried onions, melted cheddar and fries.

Ghot dog barcelonauaca dog – guacamole, raw onions and sliced cheese.

Piña dog – pineapple sauce, pickles, fried onions, melted cheese and fries.

Vegan dog – pickles, corn, raw onion and tomato.

Meat lovers can also enjoy the restaurant, since every hot dog but the vegan dog is also offered with regular sausage.

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