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The Best Calzone In Barcelona

Written by Brian S

Italian cuisine has many elements that unite it with the Spanish. The Mediterranean has been the cradle of one of the most valued diets by specialists in health and nutrition as one of the healthiest on the planet. In addition, they share a multitude of similar ingredients that make the typical Italian dishes turn out to make Spanish so familiar to the palate. All of this has contributed to the proliferation of hundreds of Italian restaurants in each corner of Spain. We love Italian cuisine, but sometimes we forget that, apart from the delicious pizzas, there are some specialties that can make us salivate with pleasure. This is the case of the calzone, similar to pizzas, but covered in dough. In ShBarcelona we will show you the restaurants in which they make the best calzone in Barcelona, so you can forget the diet for a day.

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Photo via Pixabay

In Superpizza you will find the best pizzas and, of course, the best calzone, as it is their specialty. The calzone comes from Naples and consists of wrapping the ingredients in the pizza dough so that the result looks like a giant custard shaped like a half-moon. You will enjoy such a high-calorie delicacy on Calle Olesa 43, in the neighborhood of La Sagrera, but if you prefer to increase your chances of raising your cholesterol level (it’s a joke, look after your physical health) and do not want to move from home, they also deliver home. Regardless, as their name suggests, the food they bake their calzones as natural as it can be. 

Buon Appetito

Photo via Pexels

Calzones require, like pizzas, an elaboration of a good wood oven at the right temperature so that the dough is pointy, crispy, and melts in the mouth while the explosion of flavor make your eyes tear. The other important factor is those ingredients. All first quality, the natural tomato and a tasty and creamy cheese, well melted, that creates endless threads and makes you have a delicious hard time if you are at a business lunch with the boss or the boss. Well in Buon Appetito you will find all that and more, including delivery to your home. But if you prefer to do a tad of exercise to compensate, go by Avenida Marqués de Argentera 19. One more thing about it and it may sway you to come: it has a terrace.

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Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass on Visual hunt / CC BY

Many will ask where the calzone comes from. Although there are certain variations, it seems that it comes from something that surprises by its little glamor in relation to a result as succulent as the one that concerns us. The dough is twisted over the ingredients like a diaper on an infant. There are different types of calzones, but the original, the Neapolitan, consists of mozzarella, tomato sauce, spicy salami, onion, and black olives. It is simple as well as delicious. In the l’Aldilà restaurant, you can try this and other types of the calzone. The restaurant is on La Llacuna 106-108, in the neighborhood of Poblenou.

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