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International cuisine

Where to slurp down the best pho

Written by Christine

In the summer heat, many people choose to dine on lighter fare, keeping things nice and fresh. A perfect meal when you’re looking for something delicious but not too heavy is a big bowl of pho  traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. You can find this dish at a number of restaurants in Barcelona but here are some of the most crowd-pleasing places that you will find in town.

Pho Bar Barcelona

Photo by: BPPrice via VisualHunt / CC BY

Photo by: BPPrice via VisualHunt

Hailed as the best bowl of pho in Barcelona, Pho Bar Barcelona offers a wide range of Vietnamese dishes in addition to their varieties of pho. Beef pho is the most traditional, consisting of meat, noodles, vegetables, and accompaniments like lime, mint, and sprouts. Pho on its own can be a bit spicy but most people choose to add additional hot sauce and peppers to give it a little extra kick. Pho Bar also has chicken, tofu, and pork versions of this delectable soup, making it one of the Vietnamese restaurants in Barcelona with the widest variety of pho. They also have many other classic dishes like spring rolls and rice so you can get a real sampling of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. You can find this eatery on Carrer Sepúlveda, 159, near the Line 1 Metro stop Urgell.

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La Vietnamita

La Vietnamita has two locations in Barcelona: one in Gràcia on Torrent de l’Olla and another on Carrer del Comerç in el Born. The theory behind this restaurant is to take traditional Vietnamese street food and make quick and healthy versions of it for people to enjoy. Between ordering and arrival to the table, there is very little time, but this definitely doesn’t mean that everything isn’t prepared fresh and on the spot. The pho here is so good you won’t mind slurping up your noodles in front of your table mates. Here, you sit at long tables picnic-style so you may end up bonding over your love of noodles with a total stranger. And don’t be afraid to slurp either! Traditionally, Asian soups like pho and ramen are meant to be slurped up and enjoyed, without any shame. So pick up your chopsticks and get at those noodles!

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Bun Bo

Photo by: JanneM via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by: JanneM via

Like La Vietnamita, Bun Bo also has two locations: one in el Raval on Carrer dels Àngels and another in Barri Gótic on Carrer Sagristans. This is probably the most popular Vietnamese restaurant overall, so you know that when you visit you are in for a real treat. Bun Bo serves up beef, chicken, or vegetable pho, all accompanied with the usual add-ins like cilantro, hot peppers, lime, etc. While it’s not considered an entree on the menu, don’t be fooled. This soup is big and is easily a meal that could even be shared between two people (if you can handle sharing). The whole menu consists of customary Vietnamese dishes but the most popular is the pho, bringing people back to Bun Bo time and time again. Once you’ve had a bowl you will too!

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