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What is Coliving?

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Written by Daniella

We already know coworking, where freelancers use an office to share the space and services and, very often, work together, but now we are getting to know coliving in Barcelona. The principle resembles coworking, but it deals with housing instead of working.

Coliving is a new trend, but if you haven’t heard of it up until now, no problem! This article by ShBarcelona will share some details about coliving in Barcelona.

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Discover coliving with ShBarcelona

Coworking is already a widespread phenomenon in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, but it is still not very well-known in Spain. Coliving originates from Silicon Valley, which is the cradle of new trends, mostly introduced by the new generation.

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It all began when there was low supply and high demand for housing for professionals who came to live in San Francisco. And that is when a special movement started, because you could see buildings appear where tenants shared hobbies and sometimes work.

So that is how the young – and not-so-young – workers from technology companies who got a new job managed to transform their wish for a private place to live in, into a whole new lifestyle.

Coliving, as the name gives away, means sharing the place where you live, and although coworking is now accepted in Spain, coliving clearly is a new living concept that could revolutionize the housing industry.

When we say coliving, we usually mean a kind of a hotel-house that has several fully equipped, premium suites. One of the most innovative examples of coliving can be found in Madrid. It is called Tutor18. Residents have their own space, but can share comunal areas to socialize.

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The aim of coliving is not just to share living in a building, but also to share hobbies, interests and worries with people who are close to you. It is a way to live in a world more completely, to create a lifestyle that is aligned with your interests.

television room

Photo via Pixabay

In short, it’s all about sharing your life with people, to have conversations in different languages, to do a yoga class together, take trips to discover new cultures together, or watch Star Wars or series like the Game of Thrones or the Big Bang Theory together. The last serie actually has some resemblances with coliving.

Coliving is a concept that will eventually become inevitable, although right now it would shock Spanish traditions, where buying property – if you have sufficient financial means – is still custom. Coliving is halfway between a shared apartment and a student flat, with the main difference being the age of tenants, as this could be much higher.

Some people think coliving is a result of high property prices that keep causing problems in Spain. Others might see it as a new way of understanding life, in a society where the model of family is copied on a larger scale and projected onto a building and its residents.

So coliving is definitely a new way of living, where young entrepreneurs and creative minds alike have their own, private area, but can also make use of communal areas for different kinds of activities. There is a place for courses or workshops (created by the tenants themselves) or other activities, like sharing a hobby or entertaining each other.

Do you think coliving could be your cup of tea?

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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